3 Top Tips for Buying Equestrian Supplies Online

Buying anything online can seem like a gamble. Buying equestrian supplies then can seem doubly tricky as all too often the items and products in need of purchasing will be providing a horse or rider, or both, with security – or need to. For example, buying fashionable footwear can be tough. Meanwhile, buying riding boots that offer both aesthetic appeal and couple that with the perfect soles and enough support as well as the correctly shaped toe can be a nightmare. Hence, here are three tips to ensure your online equestrian shopping doesn’t become nightmarish too.

  1. Refer to The Horse and Hound

Contrary to popular misconception, not all of us who happen to horse ride are ‘toffs’ or super rich. Hence, the question of how to afford and where to buy high quality but affordable equestrian supplies is one that many of us find ourselves asking. Fortunately, even for those reluctant to stump up the £ for an annual subscription to The Horse and Hound Magazine, that needn’t mean missing out.

The Horse and Hound website, like the magazine, is an absolute treasure trove of advice, trivia and guidance for horse riders. As well, its team review, discuss and evaluate equestrian supplies from boots to riding hats to horse rugs. Hence, rather than fork out for the latest riding boots or just buy something you might not need or might not provide the best value despite going for a good price, it is worth seeing if the The Horse and Hound website features a review or any advice on said equipment first.

More generally, their wealth of lo-downs, guides and up to date reviews of all types of equestrian supplies mean that whatever you are looking to buy, it’s also worth seeing if this magazine has any advice to take note of or can recommended a particular brand.

  1. Always Make Use of Size Guides

Despite common concern, there are very few draw backs of buying online as a posed to on the high street. One difference that can cause problems though is getting sizing right.

Of course, when you buy online you cannot ‘get a feel’ for what it is you are purchasing or try it on ahead of doing so. What is more, this is doubly troublesome when buying equestrian supplies such as riding boots rather than just fashion clothing as boots worn for riding need to offer support, a certain level of flexibility and safety, as already mentioned.

Hence, whether buying a horse rug or riding boots, it doesn’t matter; a reputable and well established online supplier of equestrian equipment such as Derby House to provide an example will feature a size guide that clearly covers all you need to know ahead of making an online purchase.

  1. Seek Out Ratings and Reviews

Ask other riders you see or know, staff at stables and / or your riding teacher(s) where to turn when buying online. Word of mouth is by far the best form of advertisement as people quite simply do not both to provide it unless a supplier really does impress them and so sticks in their mind or becomes their go-to name when buying a certain product or service.

Failing that though, online ratings and reviews can be super useful and informative. This does not include testimonials featured on a supply company’s own website as they have opted to put it there. Therefore, it is neither an unbiased resource nor necessarily an accurate review.

Instead, refer to a site such as Trust Pilot. In fact, Trust Pilot is about the best online provider of true and agenda free reviews and ratings going right now and almost all the big and best names in online equine supplies here in the UK are consequently featured on the site. Further, it is completely free to check out a supplier or company via the Trust Pilot website; simply head over there, type in the name of a company or their URL and if the company are registered with Trust Pilot you will instantly be met with their rating amongst customers as well as in most cases a myriad of short, concise reviews and summaries as to why they are such great supplies – or not so great ones, as the case may be.

Also, for real reviews written by real riders (as a posed to journalists and big names who are often given supplies free to write reviews) of specific equestrian supplies, refer to the Horse and Tack Review website – which features thousands of them. You can also add your own reviews to help other riders find out about great products, and hopefully prevent other riders from buying not so great ones.