5 Top Tips for Helping Your Dog Get a Great Night’s Sleep

Helping your dog to get the best night’s sleep possible and do so for the long haul might seem something only an especially loving owner would take the time to research online, but any owner who has spent a few nights or worse yet a few weeks being disturbed by a seemingly insomniac dog, will know that it is in fact more about preventing you from losing your own sleep, and with it your mind.

Then, here are 5 top tips for helping your dog get a great night’s sleep, if only so you finally can too.

  1. Ensure You Get the Right Dog Bed

Dogs are known to sleep just about anywhere. The modern and much pampered pooch though might not live up to this stereotype.

Get a bed that is too big and a puppy can feel overwhelmed, exposed and vulnerable. Meanwhile, get a bed that is too small and even a dog that manages to seemingly make the bed work could be doing its joints damage in the long term from contorting itself into a space that is too small. Then, a dog bed should be bought to fit the dog and not the other way around.

For more advice and a guide to buying dog beds according to breed head over to the Canine Journal website. Meanwhile, for those who know what they’re looking for and are yet to find it, take a look at the luxury dog beds on offer from Pet Luxury. After all, the perfect dog bed doesn’t just fit your dog perfectly, but will also fit your home and its decor too.

  1. Doggy Bed vs. Doggy Detention

All too often dog owners punish a pooch by sending it to its bed. Whatever form the bed takes from a crate to a floor mattress or wicker basket, opting to banish a dog to its bed to teach it is in the proverbial dog house, no pun intended, is a huge mistake to make.

Yes, disciplining a dog (and doing so from day one) is of paramount importance, but because it is so important it is also desperately important to do it right – and this means never resorting to sending a dog to its bed due to bad behaviour. Whilst this might work in that it will remove what you perceive to be the problem right now what it teaches your dog is that bed is a place of punishment, not peace.

Then, for advice on how to better discipline your dog and in a way that doesn’t leave the poor mutt having nightmares, head over to the Cesar’s Way website and give his guides an tips a go. A famous name when it comes to doggy discipline and even teaching old dogs new tricks, quite literally, Cesar’s approaches are brilliantly simple, effective and rely on creating a positive and loving relationship with your dog rather than simply establishing a ‘stick and carrot’ set up.

  1. Exercise

This is one of those tips that is simple, effective, costs nothing and won’t just keep your vet bills down, help to ensure your dog maintains its health well into old age and as well helps to maximise a dog’s happiness and quality of life, but one which can also help to keep you healthy, happy and sleeping sweetly. And yet so many owners fail to do it, or to realise that they do not do it enough.

Then, to learn how much exercise your dog should be getting according as well to its breed as differently sized dogs have different exercise requirements and see how you and your regime shapes up, head over to the PDSA website.

  1. The Most Important Meal of the Day

In the north of England there are four meals in everyday: breakfast, dinner (a.k.a lunch albeit confusing for those in the south), tea time and supper. In other parts of England and the UK, supper routinely gets skipped, often due to notions about eating before bed actually being the cause of poor sleep.

Whether this is true for us human folk, it certainly is not true of our pet pooches. In fact, adopting the northern way of going about meal times, at least for your dog, is likely to cause almost instant results as (and to put it frankly) a hungry dog is not one that wants bed…it is, if it needs spelling out, one that needs feeding.

Then, and suffice to say, always ensure your dog is well fed ahead of going to bed.

  1. Talking Dog’s Business

Nobody likes to talk about poo, but when it comes to ensuring your dog can get its beauty sleep, it is necessary. Fortunately, the issue needn’t be lingered on. The thing to know and to remember is to always take your dog out to do its business ahead of calling it a night.

Firstly, this will minimise if not entirely eradicate the issue of ‘accidents’, even in puppies. Secondly, it will get your dog into a good routine and a dog that know what is going on, expected of it and which can trust and rely on a routine makes for a far happier one. And a far happier dog, in turn, makes for one which is far more likely to sleep well.

Thirdly, it just is not nice to be sent to bed without being allowed use of the toilet or given the opportunity to relieve oneself ahead of climbing into bed. This is true whether talking about a dog or a human, and even truer when being denied the chance to use the loo then results in also being scolded for having what is an accident caused by the person doing the scolding!