The Best Dog Crates For Pups Of Every Kind!

There’s a lot of dog crates out there and choosing the best dog crate for your dog can be a tall order! How do you know which dog crate is the best? What if your dog has special needs in a dog crate? Whether you need a ginormous dog crate for large breed dogs like a Great Dane that don’t fit in smaller crates or you need an escape proof crate for a dog who gets out of crates like a magician at a magic show, we can help! I’ve done a few articles on dog crates before, but this is the big list. This article features dog crates for every type of dog and pet parent. No matter what pup you have, we’ve got it on the list! Before you choose a dog crate you should first identify your situation. Do you have a large breed or a small breed dog? Does your dog have separation anxiety? If your dog is destructive than a high quality all metal cage is the ticket. If your dog is an escape artist then you’re most likely looking for something with reinforced doors. The door of a kennel is typically the weak point, and the place where Houdini dogs are most likely to squeeze their way out. If you’re looking for more casual options we’ve also got some recommendations for portable dog crates that are great for taking to the park or for pet parents that don’t have room for a large crate that takes up permanent space in their living room. If you’re an apartment dweller without a lot of space to spare these are a great option.

Wire Crates – These are typically the cheapest crates, and if your dog is used to crate training they aren’t bad. The problem is these don’t really contain a dog that wants to get out. They just reinforce where they are supposed to stay. If your dog is destructive or suffers from separation anxiety then these won’t help you much.

Heavy Duty Metal Crates – These crates are typically the ones that have reinforced doors or welding. Most of the time these are made of high quality metal that keeps strong pups from breaking out. While these are more expensive than wire or plastic crates they will last longer, and it’s the only good option for destructive dogs.

Soft or Portable Dog Crates – These are great for well trained dogs that you’d like to give more space to. Often these are little pop up doggy tents that you can set up in your living room. The benefit to these is being able to give your pup more space to stretch out, and you can easily fold these up for storage in a hall closet when you don’t need it. They’re also very lightweight so you can take them to the park or wherever you might need a portable crate for your pup! The problem is, if your dog is a chewer it will destroy a fabric crate. These are not for destructive dogs.

Airline Approved Dog Crates – If you plan to fly with your dog you need to buy a dog crate that falls in their travel regulations. Otherwise your furry pal might not be allowed to board. A lot of these also double as great units for everyday crating and car travel as well.

Best Dog Crate For Destructive Dogs

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best crate for destructive dog

best pet dog crate reviews


Is your dog seriously destructive? Empire makes this “virtually indestructible crate” for dogs who really like destroying everything that you give them. This company calls this crate the “Alcatraz of pet cages” that’s designed to keep your dog out of trouble. The Pro Select Empire Heavy Duty Dog Crate features two bolt locks on the door to keep your pooch from squeezing out of the top or bottom of the door. This is a common fail point with most crates. If your dog has ever managed to get out of a crate while the door was somehow still closed, then this is probably how. The cage is made of high quality 20 gauge steel, and they added 1/2 inch steel tubes as reinforcement and added durability. Any stress points in the frame have been given heavy duty welding to keep powerful dogs from snapping them apart. This might seem extreme, but this is not outside the scope of reality for a strong dog!

If you need a dog cage that can be used both indoors and outdoors this one has a long lasting hammer finish, and it is rust resistant. This is also good, because the cage is pretty big. If you don’t have anywhere in your home to keep it out of the way there’s no problem storing it on a porch, lanai or shed when it’s not in use. It weighs around 75 pounds, and fortunately it comes with locking caster wheels to make it easier to move it around. These are also removable though if you don’t want them on there. The floor grate features a removal steel tray so that clean up is easier if you’re crating a puppy that’s not quite house broken yet. This crate comes in two sizes. You can get the medium size that’s 37″ L x 25 1/8″ W x 33 3/4 ” H or you can purchase the large size that is 42 1/4″ L x 30 3/4″ w x 41 1/4″ H. As one further note, you should keep in mind that this cage is intended for medium to large size dog breeds like Pitbulls or Labradors. If you have a small breed dog you’re looking to contain like a Jack Russell it might be possible for them to get their head through the bars of this cage and injure themselves. If you have a destructive small breed dog I’d recommend the Zinger Winger further down in the review instead.

  • Two Secure Bolt Latches To Keep Dogs Contained
  • Lockable Caster Wheels To Help Move The Cage Around
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Removable Metal Try For Easy Cleaning


Best Dog Crate For Large Breed Dogs

best dog crate for large breed

best crates for large dogs

midwest dog crates reviews

Looking for the biggest possible dog crate available? Midwest makes the “Ginormous” dog crate, and it’s the biggest one I’ve come across. If you’re the pet parent of a giant breed dog like a Great Dane or a Mastiff you may have found it difficult to items like big dog beds or dog crates to suit their size! If you’re been stressing about giving your large breed fur baby enough space while you’re away then this crate might be the solution. This crate is made of wire which is a little disappointing as wire is typically not very strong. If your Dane is well trained, and he doesn’t resist his crate then this is a good option. If you have a big doggy that is less than thrilled about the whole situation, and you need a stronger crate I have a few other suitable recommendations in this article you might like.

This crate is a spacious 54″ L x 37″ W x 45″ H, giving your large breed pup plenty of space to stretch out. The manufacturer recommends this crate for the biggest dog breeds like Great Danes, Saint Bernards and Mastiffs or other dogs that are over 90 pounds in body weight. This crate features double doors to allow for both front and side access. Each door has two slide latches to keep the doors locked securely. It’s a fairly durable crate that’s made of metal, and doesn’t have low quality plastic pieces. The weight of the cage is 80 pounds which is a little hefty, but not surprising considering how big it is. The panels of this crate are put together with drop pins which are fairly strong. This is certainly one of the roomiest options available for giant dog breeds, and it’s great unless your pup is super destructive. It comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty as well.

  • Double door metal dog crate measures 54L x 37W x 45H Inches, weighs 80.2 pounbds. Ideal for extra large dogs weighing over 90 pounds (Great Dane dog crate)
  • Double door configuration metal dog crate includes easy to clean / removable durable leak-proof pan and 4 rubber “roller” feet to protect hard floors
  • Durable heavy duty metal dog crate design w/ 2 heavy duty secure slide-bolt latches per door
  • Drop-pin construction (4 drop pins) ensures strong & secure dog crate assembly
  • Protective E-coat finish prevents rust and dog crate includes 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


Best Dog Crate For Escape Artist Dogszinger dog crate reviews

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Is your dog the best escape artist in the world? Have you tried in vain to keep them contained in every kind of doggy Alcatraz available to no use? Zinger Winger’s “Escape Artist” crate may be of interest to you. This crate manufacturer is even as bold to offer a 90 day no escape guarantee on their crates. Keep in mind that Zinger Winger makes many different crates, and their offer is only for the particular crate that is linked above. This crate features a reinforced door with a secure, flush mounted, locking slam latch. This is the main difference between the standard, and the deluxe crate options. As previously mentioned, the door is typically the failure point of any crate. Since this needs to open up to allow access there are naturally places in it that are not as strong as the solid side panels of the crate’s frame. Zinger Winger makes their escape proof crate with a stronger than average door that is reinforced with extra welds, bars and bracing. It also features the set in, locking slam latch for extra security. This makes it near impossible for a clever pup to wedge the door open from the bottom or the top. They also can’t maneuver these latches out of the lock like they might be able to do with a sliding style latch.

Zinger Winger crates are built to last a lifetime, and they’re made with high quality aircraft grade aluminum. This material is both lightweight and very strong. The crate frame is built in such a way so that it doesn’t give destructive dogs much to get their mouth around to pry anything out of place and escape. These crates feature ventilation holes all the way around so that while your dog can get plenty of air flow they won’t get much of anything that they can set their teeth into to rip apart the crate frame or to injure themselves! It’s actually quite common for a determined pooch to break a tooth trying to escape.

If you need a crate for travel then you’ll also be glad to know that Zinger Winger crates are all airline approved! This is an optional feature, and you’ll have to attach the crate airline rails yourself. This is pretty straight forward, and it only requires basic tools though. If you need to take your dog on a commercial airline you’ll need an approved crate, and these are some of the best. They’re extremely durable, and they’ll protect your pup in transit. These crates are designed so that you can couple or even stack them for added space. This means you can use them for canine transport in a truck or even stack them kennel style in your home if you’re short on space. The doors are reversible, and you can choose to mount them on either the left or the right side of the dog kennel. If you need a heavy duty escape proof kennel for a small breed doggy Houdini this is a good choice. There’s no way for them to get their head stuck trying to pry their way out of the cage like with models with large grate style panels. The dimensions for this crate are 24″ W x 30″ H x 38″ L. They do make different sizes as well, but they’ll be listed under separate model numbers instead of offering “small, medium or large” of the same crate.

  • 90 Day Escape Proof Guarantee
  • Stainless Steel Hardware.
  • High Grade Aircraft Aluminum
  • Locking Slam Latch.
  • Airline Approved
  • Reinforced Reversible Crate Door


Best Dog Crate For Airline Travel

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While I think the Zinger Winger in the last section is also a great airline crate, I’m going to put the impact crate in the best travel spot. Why? They have some really amazing folding crates! These are still pretty heavy crates mind you, but it makes storage much better when you’re not using it. Keep in mind that this would be a travel crate for a well trained dog. If your dog has separation anxiety or does not respond well to crating this is not the crate for you. You’d do better to purchase the Zinger Winger crate up above! As you can imagine a folding crate, while well made, is not nearly as strong as a solid one. This is an excellent crate if your dog is not destructive, and you need a high quality crate that can be folded down or stowed easily under a bed or somewhere else out of the way when not in use.

These crates despite their collapsible feature are still pretty heavy duty! They are USA made, and they’re constructed of heavy duty and lightweight aluminum that helps reflect heat away from the crate. This is an important feature when you’re travelling with your dog! You don’t know where airline staff is going to decide to leave them. It can collapse to less than eight inches tall, and it can be assembled or taken down in seconds. If you want something sturdier Impact also makes a stationary crate from the same high quality materials. It just doesn’t fold down. They recommend these types of crates for dogs that are prone to destroying things, but they don’t offer the no escape guarantee like Zinger Winger. So, if you’re buying for this type of dog I’d go with that brand instead.

  • Simple To Set Up
  • Folds Away For Neat Storage When Not In Use
  • Airline Approved and Ready To Go
  • Secure Locking Slam Latches
  • Lots Of Ventilation For Your Dog’s Comfort
  • Composite Reinforced Corners For Added Durability
  • Welded Rivet Construction
  • Carrying Handle Included For Ease Of Use


Best Folding Dog Crate

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Looking for a great folding dog crate for on the go? Orvis makes this high quality folding dog kennel that will easily fold up, and it can be stored in a trunk or other vehicle cargo areas. The construction of this crate makes for a quick set up, and it’s a lot more heavy duty than a soft sided style crate or a pop up tent style dog corral. This crate actually has several doors so you can use it however you would like. There’s a top opening door which is excellent for adding food and water to a crate without the chance of a flighty pup escaping. There’s a front opening door for easy access on both sides, and even a large opening side door. This would be useful if you wanted the crate set up all the time at a camp or a park so your dog has somewhere to go to get out of the sun or to get away from everyone for a while. This door is pretty cool actually. It swings up to open like a garage door!

This is a plastic and metal crate which some people are wary of, but it’s also very strong! The plastic top can hold up to 100 pounds of weight. The corners of the crate are rounded to protect your vehicle or even your knees from bumps and bruises associated with sharp cornered metal crates. While this is a travel crate it’s surprisingly heavy duty, and that adds to the weight. A few people have unfortunately rated this crate poorly on Amazon, because they didn’t fully read the description to see how much it weighed before they ordered it. This particular crate does weigh 47 pounds, but it comes with wheels. The weight doesn’t matter as much when you can wheel it around. It’s also a lot sturdier than other “travel crates” if you’d like a lighter weight style crate please see my recommendation below for “soft crates”. If you’re okay with your crate having a little heft this is a very nice one that will stand up to a lot of abuse. It comes with a fleece and nylon crate pad, and a handy carrying bag for when you fold it up. The large size version of this crate measures approximately 27″ H by 41″ L x 27″ W and weighs 47 pounds. It will hold dogs that are 60 pounds or greater. You can see the size best by viewing the above picture with the helpful doggy model to gauge how much room will be available for your pup. Additionally, there are small and medium sizes available as well if your dog is under 60 pounds. The small size’s dimensions are 21″ H x 26″ L x 17″ W and 24 pounds in weight. This crate holds dogs up to 30 pounds. The medium size crate is 26″ H x 35″ L x 23″ W, it weighs 35 pounds, and it will hold dogs that are 30 -60 pounds in weight. If your dog is small it makes these crates much more portable, but anytime you need a crate for a large breed dog it will weigh more obviously. This is an excellent crate, and it’d be great for car camping or RVing since you can stow it in a vehicle or under a bed. Not the best choice for destructive dogs. Plastic is easy to chew. For a well trained older pup it’s a great home away from home though.

  • Easily Folds Up For Storage In Vehicle Cargo Area Or Under Bed
  • Heavy Duty Plastic and Wire Crate
  • Several Convenient Door Options
  • Multiple Sizes Available For Dogs From 1-30 Pounds, From 30-60 Pounds and 60+ pounds




Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate

heavy duty dog crate reviews

best metal dog crate

heavy duty dog crate reviews

SmithBuilt is our top pick for heavy duty dog crates. These are large size cages that are much more secure than other bigger dog crates on the market. At its larges size this crate is 48″ L x 33″ W x 37″ H which will accommodate most dogs. Be warned that this crate does weigh over 100 pounds, but it comes with some lockable caster wheels so you don’t throw your back out trying to move this beast around. This crate is pretty sturdy though, and it’s good at keeping in escapees. I think this crate might actually be made a little better than the Empire crate, and it will last a long time. The frame is made with 3/4 inch metal, and the top and bottom is reinforced with 1/2 inch 20 gauge steel tubes. This helps make it so a strong pup can separate the doors or panels from the frame.

These crates have two doors for convenient access. There’s a smaller front side swinging door you can use to usher your pooch inside, but there’s also a top door. The entire top of the cage opens up which makes it easy to grab food or water bowls or do anything you need to. This is extra helpful if you have a dog that might try to run out between your legs as soon as somebody opens the door! It’s also nice to not have to get down on the floor on your hand and knees to get into the crate for cleaning, feeding or watering your dog. The doggy front door has two sliding bolt style latches and the top has one latch. This crate also features a floor grate, and a removable steel pan that makes for easy cleaning if your new friend is not quite house broken yet. Or if your older pup has an accident. It’s even got a retaining latch so that it doesn’t move around and make a mess on your floor!

If you’re looking for a crate that’s equally great for both indoor and outdoor use this one is a great choice. It has a rust resistant finish to keep the cage from deteriorating. This is a great feature considering how big this crate is. If you don’t have anywhere to keep this thing in your house you can easily push it out onto a porch, a lanai or into your garage when you’re not using it. You would also have the option of crating your dog outside in a shady spot should you ever need him out of the house for a bit for whatever reason. There is a little assembly required for this particular dog crate, but it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to do so. It doesn’t require any special tools, and you should be able to easily construct it by following the included instructions or looking at the pictures.

  • Superior, commercial-quality materials and manufacturing
  • Side and top doors for easy access
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant floor grate and steel tray with lip
  • Four rolling casters; two are locking
  • Size guide: 36-inch long cage is 24 in. deep x 29 in. tall overall, 42-inch long cage is 30 in. deep x 34 in. tall overall, 48-inch long cage is 33 in. deep x 37 in. tall overall


Best Soft Sided Dog Crate

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best soft sided dog crate

This crate is technically a dog playpen, but if your dog is trained well it will make a great dog crate too! If you’ve ever felt bad about leaving your dog in a cramped crate then you might be interested in this pop up tent style dog pen. Don’t let the picture fool you, this is a big crate! It’s around four feet across. A good size dog like a Pitbull could sprawl out in here very comfortably! This is also an extremely portable crate that’s great if you want something to take to the park or on trips with you. The whole thing sets up instantly like a pop up tent. Then when you’re done with it it neatly folds up into a small bag that’s light enough to be carried with ease or tucked away in a hall closet or the backseat of your car!

The top of this crate features a removable mesh lid. If you have a dog that’s a climber or likes to try to jump it’s a good way to keep them in. You should however keep in mind what this dog pen is made of. This is constructed very much like a tent you’d use for camping. This is not the strongest material, and if your dog is bad about chewing then this is not the crate for you. It would be very easy for them to start tearing apart the zippers to escape. If your dog is already crate trained, and he shows no destructive behavior then this is a great way to keep him from roaming the house while you’re gone, but still give him enough room to be comfortable. There’s plenty of space in here for food, water, his bed and all of his toys to keep him occupied while you’re away. This crate is great for dogs from small breeds like a Pomeranian all the way up to a larger size dog like a Labrador. The crate comes in two sizes, so make sure to select the bigger one if you have a larger breed doggy.

Phew, alright. That’s our dog crate round up! If you’re looking for specific dog crates I do have a few more articles with more options in particular categories. If you have a ginormous breed dog like a Mastiff or a Great Dane you can check out my article for jumbo size dog crates, as finding crates big enough to house these dogs can be a challenge. If you’re looking for some vehicle crate options there’s an article for truck mounted dog crates as well that are great for hunting trips or even dog shows if you have to travel a lot, and you want a safe option for your pups. What an escape artists? Does your dog refuse to stay in his crate or absolutely destroy ever containment option you’ve come up with? Take a look at this article on indestructible dog crates for more options for these challenging dogs. If you’re a busy pet parent that would prefer a roomier option for your dog than a dog crate have you instead considered a dog playpen? Check out these great dog corrals to keep your dog contained while still giving them room to play, and to be comfortable! That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more great product reviews from Kim’s Pets. You can also follow us on Pinterest or Twitter for more updates. Or join or e-mail list to get alerted to great deals on pet products before they’re gone!