The Top 3 Best Dog Playpen Options For Pet Parents

While it is necessary to contain your dog you may frown at keeping them in a kennel all day. Typically a dog kennel doesn’t give a dog much room to move around. If you have to keep them confined for several hours while you’re at work a dog, especially a young one can get very restless! Have you instead considered getting a dog playpen? These dog crate alternatives can offer the same benefits as a kennel, but give your pup more room to play. In today’s article we’re reviewing the best dog playpens to help you choose one that’s appropriate for your pooch! Keep in mind that the best dog playpen is the one that’s best suited to your dog. Here’s some factors you should take into account to help you choose the right one.

What do you plan to do with your dog play pen?

Is this dog playpen mainly for indoor use or do you want to take it with you places? Lots of pet parents take their playpen for dogs to the park so their pup can play too! This is a great idea if you don’t want to have to watch your puppy all day at the family barbecue. If this is your main priority you’ll need to pick a lighter weight dog play pen that’s easily portable. Nothing too heavy or bulky to be transported. There’s no faster way to kill a fun time than having to lug a heavy dog cage wherever you go.

How big is your dog?

Obviously a Great Dane puppy needs much more room than a Pomeranian puppy! The size of your dog should of course be considered when you choose a playpen. You’ll want one that has enough space to give your dog ample room to romp around and burn off that excess energy! The best dog playpen is the one that gives your pup ample space to move around, be comfortable and enjoy themselves. This is much easier for smaller dogs, but there are options available for bigger pups too.

Is your dog an escape artist?

Some dogs are more prone to trying to escape their pens than others. If your dog is good at getting into trouble you might need a heavy duty pen or even one with a top on it to keep them contained! A heavy duty dog corral might be just the thing to keep your high energy pup both contained and happy. You should also try adding things to keep your pup entertained in his pen. Many times dogs act this way, because they are bored. Attempts to keep them entertained can go a long way in squashing escaping or destructive behavior.

The Best Dog Playpen Options For Pet Parents

JesPet Portable Pet Playpen

dog corral

best dog playpen

dog corral

Best Dog Playpen For Pet Parents On The Go

Looking for an ultra portable dog playpen? This one is perfect for your outdoor excursions. This dog play pen is a pop up dog corral that is completely enclosed. It has a removable mesh cover which is super helpful if your dog is smart enough to climb out of other types of dog playpens. There are a couple of sizes available, and this pen is great not only for dogs, but also for kittens or even bunnies! It has a removable floor mat so if your pets make a mess it’s easy to clean as well.

It sets up instantly, and when your done it folds up into small carry bag that can be quickly stored in the back of a vehicle or even carried while you walk to the park or the beach. It’s decently sized, and it will provide plenty room for most doggies to stretch out and even play. This is the best dog playpen if you need something super portable that you can carry with you or take on your bike. This pen comes in surprisingly large sizes that can even accommodate bigger dogs the size of a Pitbull! Keep in mind though that this pen is basically a tent for dogs. If a strong dog is bound and determined to get out, they most likely will. This dog playpen will work great for a dog that’s already use to crate training, but if your dog is new to being confined it could take some work. This might not be the best option if your dog has separation anxiety or is a heavy chewer. They will be able to tear up the zippers and escape.

Available sizes: 61″ x 61″ x 30″H and 45″ x 45″ x 24″H

Pros: Easy setup, portable, great for many different pets.

Cons: Not the best for chewers.

Amazon Customer Reviews For JesPet Portable Playpen

I bought this for my 1 1/2 year old Lab/ Retriever/ Shepard mix. He is crate trained and stays there all day while me me and my girlfriend are at work. We both felt bad that he had little space to spread out, so we looked into other options for him besides running around the house. I know you are suppose to have limited space for them to pee and etc, that’s the purpose of the crate. But he is well trained and knows better. We do not like him just roaming all over the house though.

THANKFULLY this was a lot bigger than I assumed! It’s huge! My girlfriend is 5 foot 4 and can basically lay down in it. Riker (the pup) adapted to it very quickly and loves it. The material is almost tent-like and it has a mesh “roof” and a plastic/cloth flooring. It seems to be insulated very well for it to just be plastic/cloth/mesh. If you have an animal that chews or is prone to pawing or scratching at stuff, this is not for you. The whole doors on it are mesh and it would be very easy to break out of if an animal tried.

Even though the size is great for us, be aware of how much space it will take up. Literally about a 4-5 foot radius. And 3ish feet high. –  Matt

Great deal for the money, easy set-up, durable, and huge in size! We have a pit-bull and she weighs about 85 pounds. This thing has plenty of space for her to roam around and sleep as well (which is her favorite thing next to playing and eating). I wish I would have found this sooner instead of paying 180.00 for a designer crate that looks like designer furniture, (which our yorkee and shitzhu use as their home), and is a joke compared to this thing! The octagon shape is the difference from all other crates. That gives the dog(s) a lot room to roam around and play. I wouldn’t recommend this for small puppies or cats that will claw or still in the chewing/teething stages. Abbigail loves it, She feels like she has a place of her own now.

All I have to say when we leave the house is “get in your house Abby”, and she goes right in. Of coarse my wife put all her chew toys, a few blankets and her food and water bowl, and she still has room to roam around. Outstanding find. If you are wondering if its worth the money, well, it is! Anyway, I’m rambling… As I was saying, this thing is awesome, and has plenty of room for big awesome dogs Like Abby… Looks easy to fold-up and put away, but when not in use, we will just put it upstairs in our guest bedroom room. –  Jake

Lucky Dog Pet Resort Dog Playpen/Kennel

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Best Heavy Duty Outdoor Pet Playpen

Do you have an escape artist? Or a dog that’s really good at destroying anything you use to try to contain him? Want to let your dog play outside, but you’re afraid of him getting out and running all over the neighborhood? Check this out. This easy to assemble outdoor dog pen/kennel has welded steel panels that go together without the need of any tools. This dog playpen can be ground anchored as well so strong dogs can’t just dump it over and get out like they could with a plastic pen or a pop up play pen. They have several models with generous floor space so your large breed dog has plenty room to stretch out.

They’ll also be protected from the elements by the full size waterproof cover that has UV protection on it for a long life. Some of these dog playpens (the shorter ones) can also be used indoors as well if you have enough space for it. A great choice if you have an active dog that loves to go outside but has a bad habit of bothering your neighbors after an escape attempt. This is the best dog playpen for keeping your pup out of trouble. If your dog is too smart for his own good or just very strong then a metal pen like this is most likely your only option. Anything weaker, and a determined pup will be out for a stroll within a few minutes of your turning your back.

Available sizes: 6’Hx4’Wx8’L, 6’Hx4’Wx4’L, 6 x 5 x 15’/10 x 10″, 6 x 10 x 10 ‘, and other sizes)

Pros: Heavy duty, weather proof, great for escape artists or chewers.

Cons: Some work to assemble, requires a good deal of space.

Amazon Customer Reviews For Lucky Dog Pet Kennels and Dog Playpens

I’m so thrilled with this product I bought a second one. My 90 pound pit bull cannot chew or push his way out and now loves his new home. AND IT WAS VERY EASY to put together. I love this cage. And it looks nice too. My pit is an escape artist to I took wooden planks and put it over the top. Most of you wouldn’t have to do that, but my dog can get out of anything.. except this cage. We use one in our guest room for the dog to stay in during the day and one on the patio (the larger 8×8 foot one) for Woofie to lounge in during the day. They both look and work wonderfully. –  Barb

I really like this kennel, We purchased 2 and combined them to make a extra long outside kennel for my Mini Pin. We put a door on one end and the back side of the other end. I put her food and water by the back door for easy access for cleaning and refilling, I put a medium sized igloo in the back corner…I spread out the two tarps so the end with the igloo is covered and the other end is covered and there is a square gap in the center to let sunshine and rain in.

My pup loves playing in different weather and watching the birds fly around so she often basks in the sun in the middle portion where she can look up, when it gets too cold or wet she goes for cover under her igloo under the back tarp and stays nice and dry, her food stays dry as well. We also purchased a side tarp that I roll up when the weather is nice but if its too windy I let them down and she is good to go.

I was worried a small toy dog would be able to dig under the bottom rim of the kennel since it sits on grass and dirt but this was not the case…it sits maybe a inch at most off the ground and if it is really a problem you can push the spokes down into soft/medium ground with enough pressure to get rid of the gap. I was also worried she would fit through the gaps in the door frame area but that was not a problem either.

The frame is really nice and sturdy, very solid, and of high quality material and construction.

It was super easy to assemble. I hate assembling even simple furniture but this didn’t require any extra tools or a lot of exertion on my part. There was no struggling with pieces, no hunting down bolts because you are missing one, no flipping through a product instruction booklet in rage and frustration. It was sooooooo so easy to put together and get up that I ended up with a whole free afternoon (I had planned on fighting with something like this for some time and blocked out a whole afternoon to do it), I had both sets complete and assembled in under an hour. The biggest hassle was deciding where in my yard I wanted to place her kennel.

Complaint: I wish there was a lock mechanism on the door latch, a place where I could put a pad lock if I wanted too to make sure it stays secure-er. Granted if someone really wants my pup they can just lift the kennel (with some effort) or easily dismantle it, but still, a lockable latch would bring a bit more peace of mind in not making it TOO EASY to get into. –  Jessica

Petyard Stages Indoor/Outdoor Dog Playpen

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puppy fence

puppy fence

Best Versatile Dog Playpen

Looking for the best of both worlds? The Petyard Stages dog play pen is the most versatile option available. This is a lightweight, indoor or outdoor pen that is quick to set up, and it can fold down easily for storage. The pen weights about 14 lbs. so it’s not tough to transport (though bulkier than the instant playpen I reviewed earlier). You can make this pen as big or as small as you want too! That means your pen can grow with your dog as he gets older. This makes it the ultimate puppy fence!

The panels snap together, and you can combine multiple pens should you need a bigger pen for your dog or want to accommodate more than one dog. The installation is a breeze as these pieces just snap together. This is a great option if you need a nice compromise between a stronger pen and mobility. This is the best dog playpen if you need something portable for a large breed puppy that just won’t fit in one of those instant dog play pens. I wouldn’t leave my pup outside in this pen unattended, though as long as you’re there to supervise this is a great outdoor option for giving your puppy some exercise. For indoor use, this dog corral is pretty stable, and would be a great way to contain your pup in a spare room during the day. Keep in mind that if your dog is good at climbing they will probably get out. Especially a smaller dog who can easily fit their paws in the holes in the panels. For a dog like this the first pet playpen with the detachable top would be a better choice.

Pros: Expandable to grow with your pup. Easy to assemble. Strong panels.

Cons: Not great for climbers.

Amazon Customer Reviews For Petyard Dog Play Pen

I purchased this to keep one of my dogs in while I’m not home. It’s a perfect size for her to be able to move about not being so confined in her kennel. –  Sue

This little pen is quite sturdy and holds our rambunctious puppy well. He jumps up on the sides and it doesn’t even wobble. I just wish it had the ability to purchase and add 2 more panels. His piddle tray and bed fit in there but nothing else. You can buy 2 pens and link them together, but that is quite costly. We have another one for him by IRIS when we are going to be gone longer. It’s an 8 panel but it’s so flimsy in comparison. We just want him to have enough room to keep his bed, food and piddle tray separate. We can’t in this one unless we buy 2. –  Matt