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Best Puppy Food Brands For A Healthy Dog

Having a new puppy in your home can be an exciting time, but it’s also a lot of work! This little life form depends on you to provide and care for it in every way. That includes choosing the best puppy foods to keep them happy and healthy. There’s a lot of choices when it comes to puppy food, and it’s not always clear where the winners are.  A puppy has twice the nutritional needs of an adult dog. They are constantly growing, and this requires a lot more energy. This is especially true for large breed puppies which will grow the fastest of all. The best food for puppies is one that contains at least 30% protein and has a high fat content for energy. It is typically much more calorie dense than adult dog food formulas for this reason.

You should feed your dog a puppy food formula until he reaches approximately 80% of his adult size, and then you can switch them over to an adult diet. You may be surprised to know that dry foods can actually be the most nutritious! While it seems like wet puppy foods would be that’s not always the case. Many times these products contain a lot of water, and they do not always have as much protein or nutrition as a dry kibble variety food. You can however mix dry and canned food together for variety if you choose. This is by no means an extensive list, but below you’ll find some solid recommendations of food for puppies. Here’s Kim’s Pet’s list of the best puppy foods!

Merrick : Best Protein Puppy Food

best puppy food

Merrick is a high quality dog food provider that makes all of their products in the United States. This is a very big deal for some people with recent reports of tainted food coming from China trust has wavered for imported pet goods. If you’d only want to purchase pet foods that are made in US kitchens this could be a good one for you. This particular variety is an all natural, grain free recipe. This food has an excellent 55% ratio of healthy proteins and fats from chicken and fish with 45% coming from healthy vegetables such as peas, sweet potatoes, and blueberries. All of their grain free recipes also contain Omega 3 for healthy coats and glucosamine for joint support. Free of corn, wheat, soy and gluten which many people also want to avoid.

Merrick is a fan favorite for pet parents that have dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Many of them report that after switching to this food their dog’s itching, fur loss or stomach problems have completely cleared up. If your pup is having any of these problems a grain free or limited ingredient diet could be the right choice. The Merrick backcountry is the highest protein formula they have, and it even contains pieces of real freeze dried meat!

Best Puppy Food For high Protein/Fat Diets

Good for all breeds

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

Taste Of The Wild: Best Grain Free Puppy Food

best grain free puppy food

This food is highly recommended by people who like to feed their dogs a more natural protein based diet. This food is grain free, easily digestible, and it has an excellent nutritional ratio. Their foods are guaranteed to have a minimum of 28% protein and 17% fat content. This food is also in very small pieces so it can be suitable for both small and large breed puppies. While most brands only have a few flavors that are grain free that is not the case with Taste Of The Wild. All of their dog foods are grain free. This is a popular choice for people who have dogs with food allergies. This is the best grain free puppy food for your dog!

This food is great high protein/fat diet, and it has an excellent nutritional profile. It’s also reported to be great tasting so even picky dogs will gobble it up. If your dog is a picky eater this might be a good choice for them.

Best grain free puppy food

Good for all breeds

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

Blue Buffalo: Best Holistic Puppy Food

best holistic puppy food

While this is not the best puppy food if you prefer grain free it is very nutritionally balanced. This food has whole grain rice and leaves out your typical corn, wheat and soy for a much healthier carbohydrate balance. It also contains high quality proteins and healthy veggies to supply your puppy with a ton of nutrients. It comes in small pieces so as to be suitable for both small and large breed dogs. If you’re in the market for a holistic dog food then this one might be right!

Best Holistic Puppy Food

Good for all breeds

4 out of 5 stars

Purina Pro Plan Focus: Best Large Breed Puppy Food

best large breed puppy food

Raising a large breed dog is just not the same as a smaller dog. They grow at an amazing rate, and that takes a lot of energy to keep up. If you’d rather have a dog food that’s specifically formulated for large breeds dogs you should have a look at Purina Pro Plan. These foods are made with high quality proteins and fats from chicken, lamb, or salmon. They have added DHA for healthy brain development, and they’re the best puppy food specifically formulated for the needs of large breed puppies.

Instead of the one size fits all approach they have a ton of these foods that are all made for a specific breed or focus. While it is nutritionally sound these foods do contain corn products. If you’d prefer a grain free food this may not be for you. Their dry foods are made in the US, but not all of their products are. So keep that in mind if you don’t like to buy imported dog foods.

Best Large Breed Puppy Food

Best For Large Breeds

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

Wellness Complete: Best Puppy Foods For Small Breed Dogs

best puppy foods for small breed dogs

If you have a pint sized pup you may prefer to purchase a food that is specifically formulated for their smaller bodies. Small breed food is typically made in smaller pieces for easy digestion, and it has less filler than food for larger breed dogs so they can get more nutrition. This is an all natural dog food brand with probiotics that uses high quality proteins like turkey and salmon to provide vital protein and fat content for growing dogs. These foods contain no wheat, corn or soy and is made in the USA.

Small dogs can be notoriously picky eaters, but this tasty turkey based food will leave them wanting more. The small pieces will make it easier for your dog to chew, and they’ll be much more enthusiastic about dinner time.

Best Puppy Foods For Small Breed Dogs

Best For Small Breeds

4 1/2 out of 5 Stars