big barker orthopedic dog bed review

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed Review – Dog Beds For Big Dogs!

Dogs are great pets, and for many people they are also their best friend! The only bad thing about having a dog is that it’s extremely likely that you will outlive your furry pal. That means that while humans are still in the prime of their lives, their dogs start to experience the symptoms of aging. If you have an older dog you can help alleviate some of these ailments like arthritis, joint paint, or hip displaysia by use of an orthopedic dog bed. Though sometimes it can be difficult to find a quality therapeutic dog bed for large breed dogs! Many times they just don’t hold up or provide little benefit, because they aren’t strong enough. Today we’re going to review the Big Barker Orthopedic dog bed, the dog beds for big dogs!

What dogs are right for a big barker orthopedic dog bed?

This bed truly lives up to its name. You may have noticed that while many stores sell dog beds they don’t often sell dog beds for big dogs. If you have a medium sized dog this is fine, but if you love giant breeds these options just won’t hold up. For one, they won’t be big enough for your dog to stretch out across! When you purchase a therapeutic dog bed it should be long enough for your dog to stretch out completely to relieve pressure on their body. If your dog is laying half on the floor you’ve negated the purpose of getting him an orthopedic dog bed. The other problem with these smaller beds is that they are not weight rates for dogs of this size. Even if your pet contorts himself into a fashion where his whole body can fit on the bed he most likely will not be very comfortable still. The foam isn’t strong enough to hold his body, and it will flatten. This takes away from the support he should be getting with this type of bed. Enter the Big Barker! The bed for truly large dogs.

big barker orthopedic dog bed review

Large Size Bed                         Extra Large Size Bed                      Giant Size Bed

Above you can see the available sizes for the big barker beds a long with recommendations for different dog breeds. If your dog isn’t included in this list you can either choose one that suggests a dog of similar size or you can measure your canine. Run a tape measure from the nose to the base of the tail. Make sure to pick the bed that will allow your dog to stretch out completely. These beds also come in a version with a pillow or the flat version with no pillow which is up to you and your dog’s preference. How much weight can a Big Barker dog bed support? This is a 190 lb. Great Dane using one of the beds.

dog beds for big dogs

You know what’s really special about the Big Barker dog bed though? It’s what’s inside! No doubt you’ve seen a lot of dog beds at different pet stores, but it’s hard to tell what makes them different to one another. All of them look the same on the outside, which is the idea, but on the inside they’re made of very different materials. A cheaper bed is typically made of low quality foam like egg crate that doesn’t offer very much support. Many times these beds will just flatten under your dog’s weight and not really offer any pain relief benefits. The Barker beds have three layers of foam that are much higher quality. Instead of crumbling under your pooch’s weight these will instead support it and mold to their bodies. The bed also has a very nice removable slip cover so that you can wash it easily. This will greatly extend the life of your dog bed and keep it from stinking up your house!

big barker orthopedic dog bed review

big barker dog bed reviews

Did you know that big dogs are more susceptible to joint pain?

big barker orthopedic dog bed

Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed – XL Size – 52 X 36 X 7 – Khaki – For Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs (Headrest Edition)
More weight means more pressure on joints! Naturally this leaves bigger dogs at greater risk for this type of damage, and it means they will experience the deteriorating effects of aging much quicker than smaller dogs who carry less weight. In addition to joint supplements you can use an orthopedic pet bed to help negate these ailments, and ease your older dog’s suffering. Take a look at this video that compares different dog beds. They were tested using pressure mapping sensors to determine which bed provides the most benefit to big dogs.


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