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Big Dog Beds! Orthopedic Dog Beds For Big Dogs

Does your dog look like the picture in his bed? While there’s plenty of dog beds at every store it seems that none of them are big dog beds! If you want to buy a bed where your dog can truly be comfortable it can be difficult to find any options. There are a few great ones though, and this article will review them. The first thing you should know is how big of a dog bed you need! Use this image as a guide.

big dog beds

Keep in mind that the surface area of the bed is not the only issue here. In order for an orthopedic dog bed to be effective it also needs to support your dog’s weight. A bed that is not rated for the weight of your dog will not be able to support his frame, and this will negate the benefits of buying him one of these in the first place. This is one of the problems with most of the available dog beds on the market. While they might have the surface space they aren’t thick enough. That means that they don’t support your dogs weight, and the orthopedic feature is lost. The good news is that the below beds are big dog friendly, and they can be especially helpful in alleviating ailments such as arthritis, hip pain, or joint pain! If you have an older dog who has problems with their joints these can go a long way in relieving some of the pain they acquire in their old age.

Diamond Memory Foam Dog Bed

dog beds for big dogs


This is a pretty nice bed at a reasonable price. It comes in large sizes up to 55×37 which is good for most dogs. Though if you have a really big dog it might not be long enough. What I don’t like about this bed is that it has shredded foam in it. This is not as beneficial as a solid foam, and most likely the reason for it being less expensive than some other beds. It’s also a little thin at only 4 inches tall. These big dog beds are suitable for most pooches though.

A shredded foam bed won’t provide the same level of comfort as a solid foam core bed. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal the fact is that it won’t evenly support their weight. An orthopedic mattress works by fully supporting the weight of your body so that it can take pressure off of pain points. While this bed will help some I don’t think it’s the best for the job. It does come at an attractive price point though if you can’t afford to spend a ton on a dog bed.

Furhaven Deluxe Dog Bed

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These are some of the cheapest beds in this review, but you should understand what you’re getting. The inside of the bed is what normally determines the price. This bed is made of egg crate foam which is some of the lowest quality you can use. It won’t provide the same support as a strong foam core. This bed does come in a nice variety of colors and sizes, but again is only four inches tall.

While it’s not the best bed on the market it will provide some comfort. I’m not a fan of the egg crate style foam as it’s just not as good as other types available. It’s a decent quality budget dog bed, but there’s nothing really special about it beyond that, and the fact that it comes in larger sizes.

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

dog beds for big dogs

big dog beds


This one is a solid choice! Not only do they scale up in length and width, but also in height! This is very important in supporting your dog’s weight. This mattress goes up to 26x28x6. This is an excellent choice for large breed dogs, but not big enough for extra large breeds. Still a solid choice if your dog is a large breed, but not a giant breed. Read on if you need a big dog bed for a really big dog.

I would highly recommend this bed if you have a german shepherd or a labrador size dog. Anything in the mid-range would be excellent for this bed. It provides great support, and it scales up with their weight. The only down side is that it’s still not big enough for giant sized large breed dog.

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

big dog beds

I’ve actually done a full review for the big barker before which you can read, but in short this is the best bed for large size dogs. It’s the biggest one I’ve been able to find. If you have a really large dog like a Great Dane this will most likely be the best choice for them. This bed is an enormous 60x48x7 which will support dogs approaching 200 lbs. in size! It’s the priciest bed on the list, but the only real option for very big dogs. It has a 3 layer foam support system, and it’s guaranteed for 10 years.

This is my favorite dog bed on the list. They use very high quality foam. The beds are made with a three layer foam core instead of cheap shredded foam or egg crate. Their also the biggest dog bed I’ve found anywhere. If you have a really big or heavy dog like a great dane then this is the way to go. These beds are large enough for you pooch to sprawl out completely. It will also fully support their weight which can ease the pain in their joints. Big dogs grow so fast that they have problems with this, and a proper dog bed can really help their quality of life. The Big Barker is a solid quality dog bed that will last for your dog’s entire life most likely.

Choosing the right dog bed is a great way to help an aging dog or even give your younger dog a good night’s rest off the cold, hard, ground. While these are all really great options if you have a dog that’s a chewer I have another article just for them. This article even features an indestructible dog bed! While I think the Big Barker is the best orthopedic dog bed it’s probably not great for a dog with a serious chewing problem. They will no doubt destroy most everything on this list.