Extra Large Dog Crates For Big Dogs

xxxl dog crate

If you happen to be a lover of very large breed dogs you could be at a loss when it comes to crate training your pup. While there are plenty of dog crates on the market many of them are just too small to accommodate dogs bigger than a Labrador. Well, you’re in luck, because today we’re going to review  some big dog crates. Some really big dog crates. The biggest dog crates we could find. These xxxl dog crates are perfect for giant dogs like Great Danes, Mastiffs and Saint Bernards that may be feeling a little cramped in your standard size pup crate. We’ve got a few options to help you pet parents out, and we’ll be reviewing each one to help you choose the best option for your doggy.

Midwest Ginormous Double Door Great Dane Dog Crate

extra large dog crate

great dane dog crate

great dane dog crate

Midwest makes this “ginormous” Great Dane dog crate specifically for the breed, though it will of course be suitable for other big dogs like Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, or other dogs over 90 pounds in body weight. This extra, extra large size dog crate features double doors for both front and side access. It’s a durable crate made of metal grate that offers lots of ventilation, and space to stretch out. The cage weighs 80 pounds, and it’s 54Lx37wx45H, giving your extra large pup lots of head room for comfort. Each door has two very secure slide bolt latches to keep them properly closed, and the panels utilize drop pin construction for security. The crate comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty as well.

This is one of the roomiest options available for very large breed dogs, but you should take your particular dog into consideration before selecting a crate. What is your dog’s personality like? If they are used to being in a crate, and they are well trained this is a fine option. If on the other hand your dog is very destructive or suffering from separation anxiety then you might need something more heavy duty. A determined pooch that really wants to get out can break out of a wire cage like this one. If your dog is an escape artist then read on for a couple more recommendations that might be a bit sturdier.

  • Double door metal dog crate measures 54L x 37W x 45H Inches, weighs 80.2 pounbds. Ideal for extra large dogs weighing over 90 pounds (Great Dane dog crate)
  • Double door configuration metal dog crate includes easy to clean / removable durable leak-proof pan and 4 rubber “roller” feet to protect hard floors
  • Durable heavy duty metal dog crate design w/ 2 heavy duty secure slide-bolt latches per door
  • Drop-pin construction (4 drop pins) ensures strong & secure dog crate assembly
  • Protective E-coat finish prevents rust and dog crate includes 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


Smith Built Heavy Duty Extra Large Dog Crate

large dog crate

extra large dog crate great dane

While the SmithBuilt cage is not quite as tall as the Midwest cage it is more secure. This cage in it’s largest size is 48L x 33W x 37H. This crate weighs over 100 pounds, so fortunately it’s on four caster wheels with locks to help you move it around easier. It is however, much sturdier than the previous crate, so if your dog is frequently looking for ways to escape this one might be a better option. The frame is constructed with 3.4 inch metal, and it’s top and bottom is reinforced with 1/2 inch, 20 gauge steel tubes. These crates also feature two doors. You’ll get one door on the front for easy doggy access, and they also open from the top for easy human access, which is nice. No more bending down to get into the crate. The front door has two slide bolt latches, and the top of the crate has one latch.

This is a multi-purpose crate that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It features a rust resistant finish to keep the cage in top shape for years to come. There’s a floor grate and a removal steel pan included for easy cleaning if your puppy or older dog has an accident in his crate as well. It has a multi-layer protective coating that won’t stain, rust, warp or retain any pet odors. They even have a retaining latch to keep them from moving around, and to keep your pup from making a mess. Some assembly is required for this crate, but the work is minimal, and you should be able to complete it in just a few minutes. No special tools are required to do so.

  • Superior, commercial-quality materials and manufacturing
  • Side and top doors for easy access
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant floor grate and steel tray with lip
  • Four rolling casters; two are locking
  • Size guide: 36-inch long cage is 24 in. deep x 29 in. tall overall, 42-inch long cage is 30 in. deep x 34 in. tall overall, 48-inch long cage is 33 in. deep x 37 in. tall overall

Homey Pet XXXL Dog Crate

xl dog crate

extra large dog crate great dane

The Homey Pet XXXL Dog Crate is the biggest of the heavier duty dog crates. It’s almost on par for size with the Midwest “Ginormous” crate, but it’s sturdier. This crate is 49L x 37W x 44H. This crate is suitable for large breed dogs up to 150 pounds in weight. Like the other heavy duty crate this one is heavy. It’s at around 93 pounds. Like the other heavy duty option it also has caster wheels that can be locked. This makes it much easier to push this thing around the house or outside for storage when you don’t need it. It has one main door that’s the max height of the cage for easy access for big doggies. In addition there’s also a smaller door meant for removing food and water dishes easily. In addition there’s also a pull out try on the bottom for easy cleaning if your pup makes a mess.

This dog crate is unusual in that it has a plastic floor grate. While seemingly odd at first this does have the benefit of being much easier on the animal’s feet. Though if your dog is destructive, beware. They might be able to tear up the plastic floor with enough effort if they can find a way to get their mouth around it. Otherwise this is a solid crate. While I think the Smith Built is made a little better, this one is a little bigger. So, if you’re after a higher quality crate in large sizes this is a good bet.

  • Size: L 49″ x W 37″ x H44″, Interior height: 37″, Bar spacing: 1.44″. Fits for dogs up to 150 lbs
  • Feeding door renders convenience for feeding. Pull out tray available for easy cleaning
  • Lockable heavy duty casters provide more convenience to move the cage. Double chain lock and all metal design ensure great quality and provide best protection to your pet.
  • Plastic floor grid with small holes provide more comfortable environment and better protection on pets’ feet.
  • Nontoxic finished surface keep your dog/animal health and render excellent anti-rust ability