The Best Dog Ramp For Above Ground Pools!

Swimming is great exercise for your pup! However, getting out can be a problem for doggies. While there’s a lot of dog pool ramps on the market it can be tough to find one that’s suitable for above ground pools. Many of the commercially available options are just not really viable for the situation. An in ground pool is surrounded by concrete which makes it very easy to attach a ramp. Unfortunately, an above ground pool typically has sensitive vinyl that can’t be punctured, and they don’t always have somewhere for the mounting hardware! If you’ve been looking for a dog ramp for your above ground pool we do have a suggestion though! Paws Aboard makes a very nice set of pool steps that can be attached to both in ground pools, and to above ground pools. This means your dog doesn’t have to be left out of the family pool fun!

Paws Aboard Dog Pool Ramp

dog ramp for above ground pool

dog ramp for above ground pool

The installation for the Paws Aboard Pool Pup Dog Ramp is pretty straight forward. It can be installed on both an in ground style pool, and an above ground style pool. Even if your pool is round with no straight edges you can use this item. Just be sure that you choose an area that gives enough support to the edge. Otherwise a very heavy dog might break the plastic, so you should keep that in mind when you choose where to install it. This pool ramp is fairly strong, and it will be able to support dogs that weight up to 150 pounds. This is a pretty big weight threshold. Almost every dog will fit into this weight category so the average pet owner has no worries that their dog will be too heavy for this device.

One of my favorite things about this pet ramp is how nice it looks! While some other dog pool ramps are a bit of an eye sore this one blends in nicely. It looks like it belongs in your pool. The ramp itself is made of heavy duty ABS plastic. This plastic is not only UV stable, but it’s also resistant to chlorine. These factors are important to protect your purchase from sun damage and from chemicals eating away at it. This could be a problem with cheaper ramps or anything really that’s made of cheaper plastics. I’m sure you’ve had some type of plastic lawn furniture that sat out in the sun too long, yes? Plastics that don’t have UV protection will quickly acquire sun damage. The material becomes brittle, and they will snap as soon as any weight comes into contact with them. This is not something you want for a device that’s designed to save your dog from exhaustion and drowning in your pool!

The steps themselves are designed so as to be useful for both large and small dogs. While the ramp is strong enough for heavy large breed dogs like Labradors or Pitbulls to use it, it’s also great for dogs that weight as little as 4 pounds! Another common trick used to reduce the cost of cheaply made plastic items is by including holes in them. This usually gives products a faux fencing look, but it also cuts down on the amount of plastic needed to make them. This dog pool ramp features no such thing, because it’s easy for smaller dogs to get their paws stuck in these holes. The steps also come with non-slip grip strips to help your pup keep his footing, and to get back up on to dry land easier.

This ramp is also easily removable which is very nice. This means you can also remove it for winter storage or just get it out of your way when you’re cleaning. Once you’ve pre-installed the ramp it’s held in place by two removable pins. You can simply remove these, and then lift up on the pool pup ramp until it releases from the deck. It’s not terribly large so it should be easy to store in a garage or a shed tucked neatly out of the way. This product measures 21″ high x 28″ deep. first step is 14 1/2 ” deep, second step 8 1/2 ” deep top lip 5″. You can use these measurements to make sure that there’s an acceptable place for you to install the ramp on your pool. Even if you can’t make it work this product is available on Amazon, and they have a stellar return policy for everything they sell. Which is one of the reasons I like shopping there so much. Anytime I’ve ever had a problem they were quick to fix it for me, which is nice.


Tips For Using Your Dog Pool Ramp

To provide the best performance of this product please consider these installation tips. While this product is very strong keep in mind that part of the strength of anything comes from proper installation. Make sure when you screw in the steps that all or most of the top plate is supported by a solid surface underneath. This helps even out the weight distribution, and it will keep it from breaking under your dog’s weight. A couple Amazon customers complained about it breaking, and I believe this was their error, and not one with the product itself.

Be aware of how far in the water the steps are mounted. Notice how the water comes up almost to the top of the steps in the picture? This is not only important for making sure your dog can use them properly, but also for protecting them from too much weight. Your dog is naturally buoyant in water. That means his full weight is not on the steps which makes them stronger. Add to your water level if you feel it does not come far enough up the steps. You can see this Kim’s Pets pick at the link below or read on for some pool safety tips for your pet!


paws aboard dog pool ramp

above ground pool dog ramp


Pool Safety Tips For Pups, and Why A Dog Pool Ramp Can Save Lives.

Even if your pup doesn’t really enjoy swimming it still might be a good idea to get a ramp, and to teach them to use it. While most people don’t know it a pool is one of the most dangerous things in your home! Nobody knows exactly how many pets drown in pools every year as there’s no concrete record, but it’s estimated to be a lot. It doesn’t even take very long for it to happen! You only have to turn your back for a few minutes for your pup or kitty to fall in the pool. It might happen while you’re distracted on the phone or in another room. If you have an older dog, an overweight dog, or a small puppy they are particularly at risk. Many times these animals are not strong enough to pull themselves out of the water to safety! You should be especially careful in these instances.

A pet pool ramp can help prevent this tragedy from happening. Even if your dog is an excellent swimmer the fear from falling into the pool could keep them from thinking clearly. Just like humans, even if we know what we’re supposed to do it can be difficult to realize that in the moment. When you’re playing with your dog in the pool be sure to take some time to be sure he knows where the ramp is, and what it is for. If your dog is not a great swimmer it might be possible to help him out a little bit. You could do this by use of a dog life vest so that your dog will float comfortably without fear. It’s also possible to do this just by holding the weight of their body, essentially teaching your dog to relax. Keep in mind that some dogs, like french bulldogs just won’t ever be swimmers.

You should never force your dog into the pool if he seems afraid. If he’s hesitant but interested, just let him hang out on the side of the pool. Get into the pool yourself and splash around. You can call your pup to the edge and pet him. After he sees that there’s nothing to be afraid of he may think the pool is a lot of fun! You can try coaxing him into the water by calling him near the steps. It might help if he can just get his paws wet on the first step first. Make sure that he doesn’t fall in! The ensuing terror of suddenly being in the water could put your pooch off of the whole swimming experience for life.