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This Adorable Pet Camera With Treat Dispenser Treats Your Pup When You’re Not Home!

In the world of pet products you think you’ve seen everything from ball launchers to pet strollers to fancy dog collars. Oh no! You’ve seen nothing yet. Look at this thing. This is Furbo. It’s a pet camera with treat dispenser! Which doesn’t seem that special at first, but just watch! <3

Furbo is more than a treat tosser. It’s an interactive dog camera attached to a smart phone app that lets you interact with your precious pooch when you’re not at home! This could be amazing for pet owners who have a dog that has horrible separation anxiety. With this cute little pet monitor you can comfort your dog while you’re away! Whether you’re just out running errands or you’re on vacation you can see your dog on your phone, and even send a treat his way. This fun little toy was originally funded on IndieGo (a crowdfunding platform), and now you can get your own on Amazon! If you’re not familiar with Crowd funding it’s a way for individuals or start ups with cool ideas to get the funding to manufacture their products. Typically this works in the way of a pre-order. If it’s successful, and there’s a demand for the product the business gets funding to make their product from their backers! The demand for Furbo is quite apparent in the number of happy customers who are enjoying visiting with their pets via the doggie cam while their out running errands, at work, or out at the gym, but how does it work? Let’s find out!

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This is the Furbo dog camera app interface that you can download for both iPhone and Android devices. This app lets you take photos or videos of your dog so you can check in on them if you have a sitter for the weekend. Or you can even talk to them if they get anxiety about you being away from home. After you’ve had your video chat with your furry BFF you can toss them a treat as a reward for being such a good dog (or cat, Kitties can use Furbo too.)!

This treat tosser dog cam includes a high definition dog camera that even has night vision so you can still see what’s going on in the dark. Is your pup getting up to mischief while you’re away? Maybe he’ll be a little better behaved if he knows that Mom and Dad are watching! Does your dog have bad separation anxiety? Use the Furbo pet cam to check in every couple hours to help ease their discomfort, and give them a treat too!

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Not only can you check in on your furry companion in real time, but this pet monitor also has a sensor that detects barking! If it does you’ll get a push notification to your phone so you can sooth your pup with your voice and calm him down. The bark detection is a very interesting feature that a lot of other doggie cams don’t seem to have. This could be very useful for apartment dwellers who could get into hot water with their landlord if their pup is barking up a storm when they aren’t at home! Using your camera you can be alerted if your dog is upset, and you can attempt to help your distressed furry pal. Or if there’s just no soothing them you could enlist a friend or relative to go visit for a bit.

Loneliness and boredom are typical causes for dogs that have destructive behavior. If your dog spends a lot of time chewing or destroying his toys when you’re away you could limit that behavior by checking in on him more frequently with a dog camera. Nobody likes to leave their pup, but most everyone has to go to work. Even if you’d like to spend all day with your pooch it’s often just not possible, and a doggie cam can go a long way in closing this gap if you work long hours.

The benefits for your dog are obvious, but don’t forget that humans benefit from dogs too! For a human that loves their doggy it can be a big mood booster to see them, even if you’re away from home, and you can’t pet them. A lunch time talk with your pooch can both reassure you of their well being which relieves your worry, and it can provide a big lift to your day! A small break with something to separate you from your work load goes a long way in relieving stress and boosting your performance. Plus, it’s just plain fun to see pets interact with the dog camera.

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Furbo Dog Camera Features List!

  • Speak and listen to your dog: With the two-way audio, you and your dog can both hear each other
  • Play by tossing treats: Treat your dog from anywhere by swiping across the screen on the free Furbo iOS/Android app
  • HD live streaming of your dog: 120° wide-angle camera with 720p HD, 4x digital zoom, and night vision – don’t miss out on any moments!
  • Get barking alerts: Furbo senses when your dog is barking and sends a push notification to your smartphone
  • Take lots of cute photos & videos: Capture special moments, and share with friends and family

You can use a variety of treat sizes with it, but smaller rounded ones will work the best. If the treats are small it’s possible that Furbo will dispense more than one. Not really a huge problem. That just means your pet gets more treats! This might be a common problem with cat treats since they are smaller. While cats don’t always come when their called they will quickly learn when something dispenses food. If you talk to them at the same time everyday I’m sure you’ll quickly find they’ll be waiting for their treat!

A dog will be more fun with the camera as they will quickly respond to your voice and happily gobble any treats you give them. As for placement, I’d put it wherever your dog spends the most time. Perhaps by their bed or their favorite place to hang out. If you have a dog who’s too destructive to be left out then near their kennel would be a good spot. They’ll still be able to hear your voice which will be comforting. Putting it inside the kennel might not be a good plan if your dog is very destructive. He might think that it’s a new chew toy!

The setup is fairly straight forward, but you will need a WiFi connection. If you’re getting this as a gift for some non-tech savvy parents then part of the gift might have to be helping to get it connected to their phone. If you have a sneaking suspicion that your mom or dad might love their Pomeranian more than you then this little gizmo would make an excellent gift. (Besides, it’s really time you admitted who the favorite was.) It would also be an excellent present for dog loving professionals who work long hours away from their beloved pups!

How to set up Furbo
1. Plug in Furbo dog cam to a power outlet using its USB cord.
2. Download the free Furbo app for either iOS or Android phones.
3. Connect the Furbo dog camera to your home WiFi network

As you can see, there’s not a lot of steps, and the set up is pretty straight forward. Even users who don’t know much about electronics or phones should be able to do it no problem, but if Grandma has problems you’re going to be a good Grand kid and help her right? ; )

Furbo Customer Reviews

My dogs love the treats & I love being able to check on them while I’m away from home. I also like the bark notification so I can check on my house if the dogs are barking. Security system & dog surveillance in one! – Suzanne

I was always concerned leaving my puppy home alone because he will cry a lot.. When I got Furbo, things got much better! Furbo sent me notifications to my phone when he was crying, so I would log on and talk to him right away. This changed everything!! My puppy knows I’m always there, so his separation anxiety is getting better. He cries less, and I feel much more relieved. – Keui

Customer support is great and the product works perfectly. I was expecting at least a few glitches here and there, but my furbo works exactly as advertised. The one feature that sold me on Furbo versus the competitors was the bark alert. It gave me enough peace of mind to get my dog. I live in an apartment and knew my dog couldn’t be barking a lot while I was gone and annoying my neighbors. Knowing I would be alerted every time my dog barks put me at ease enough to decide to get my little miniature dachshund. Luckily he only barks when I’m home every once in awhile, but I never would have known if it wasn’t for my Furbo. Thanks for a great product and quick customer support. – Richard

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