Home Made Flea Treatments You Can Try Today!

Fleas are a major problem for pet owners. Not only are fleas annoying for both pets and their owners, but they can be dangerous! Fleas and ticks are known to harbor diseases that can seriously effect the health of you or your animals. While there are many commercial flea treatments available on the market some pet parents are not fond of the chemicals used in them. Some pets may even be allergic to these flea treatment solutions if they have sensitive skin. If you’ve noticed any raw skin and missing fur under your pet’s collar this was probably the problem. Some pets just don’t do well when collars come into contact with their skin, and it causes a bad reaction. So what can you do?

You can try some home flea remedies. While these options won’t kill fleas or ticks they will work to repel them. There are many kind of natural plants and substances that insects hate. If you can utilizes this items around your home you could cause the fleas to clear out without the use of any chemicals which is very appealing to people who are trying to live as organically as possible.

Sprinkle salt on your carpets

You may surprised to know that one of the most common spices that everyone has in their house can help you with fleas. Fleas like to lay eggs in carpets and rugs. If you sprinkle salt on to the rug it will suck the moisture out of the eggs and dry them up. Using a shaker, evenly spread salt on to the surfaces you expect to be harboring flea eggs. Leave this down for 12-48 hours, and then vaccum it up. You might have to repeat this process more than once. Fleas can lay a lot of eggs, and it might take a while to kill all of them.

Make Your Own Natural Flea Collar

Did you know you can make your own flea collar? To start you’ll need a fabric collar or a bandana for your dog to wear. Fleas don’t like cedar or lavendar oil. You can soak the bandana or collar in this mixture to help repel the fleas. This won’t kill anything on them, but they don’t like it, and they’ll be less likely to take up residence on your pup.

Put Vinegar In Your Dogs Water

Fleas also hate vinegar! This is one of the easiest to administer remedies. You can simply put some vinegar in your dogs water. Typically 1 teaspoon for a 40 pound dog. If your dog weighs more simply add more vinegar until you match their body weight. You could even use this a long with the natural flea collar method above for extra doggy defense! Your dog probably won’t even notice it in his water.

Make Your Own Flea Spray

This combines the ingredients in the last two! Mix up a quart of water, 1 cup of vinegar, and two or three drops of lavendar or cedar oil in a spray bottle. Use this mixture to spray down your pooch’s coat to make fleas gag. Make sure not to get it in their nose, eye or ears. I’d avoid spraying their face entirely. If you think fleas are hiding out there I’d put some on my hand instead and gently rub it on their cheeks and head to avoid getting it in their eyes.