Is There An Indestructible Dog Bed? The Best Dog Bed For Chewers

Finding the best dog bed for chewers can be a tough one, but Kim’s Pets has found some stellar solutions for the pet parent that needs an indestructible dog bed! Is your dog hard on everything from toys to bones? Do you want to provide a high quality bed for them that they can’t destroy? Well we’ve got you covered. Today we’re going to reviews some of the best dog beds for chewers and downright destructive dogs. No matter what kind of pooch you’ve got something on this list will help you provide a great dog bed that will last more than two days.

Best Dog Bed For Chewers

Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Ninja Dog Bed

best dog bed for chewers

Best Dog Bed For Chewers

indestructible dog bed


This high quality dog bed is not only resistant to chewing, but also to water and dirt. If you have trouble keeping a pet bed clean this is a great choice. It also comes with a 90 day chew proof guarantee. So if your pup can destroy it you can contact the company for a refund or exchange! Challenge accepted? This bed is also weather resistant so it can be used indoors or outdoors if you need something to go inside your pooch’s dog house or on the porch.

This dog bed is available in sizes from Extra small (15 x 20 inches) to 2 XL (30 x 48 inches) so it’s great for a wide variety of dog breeds. If you’re looking for a bed for your dog’s kennel these are designed to fit most standard sized dog crates. Keep in mind this is a chew resistant bed, and not completely indestructible. If your dog is a compulsive chewer they will eventually destroy it.

Pros: 90 Day chew guarantee. Weather resistant. Great for dog kennels.

Cons: Compulsive chewers will find a way to destroy it eventually.

Best Dog Bed For Chewers That Are: Casual Chewers.

Amazon Customer Reviews For Ninja Dog Bed

As the owner of a new 1 year old lab puppy, I have already faced my fair share of torn up beds. I thought it would be impossible to find a bed that he wouldn’t be able to sink his teeth into, but by some miracle I have found this ninja bed and it sure has given him a run for his money! I first got it because of the 90 day chew proof guarantee on it. I leave it out for him to lay on, as well as in his crate when we go out and he has just not been able to tear it! I worry so much about the durability of beds because I never want my dog to end up eating part of a bed and it making him sick. The ninja bed has proven very successful and we are very happy with our purchase. – Sarah

My dog chewed up EVERY. SINGLE. BED. I put in her crate. Then I found this bed 🙂 🙂 I later figured out that she’s afraid of thunderstorms, which causes the destruction… Now when a storm comes through, as she’s attempted to destroy whatever is in her crate, this bed is usually just on top of her head. lol. There are a few edges she chewed, but that’s after a few years! A normal bed would usually only last a month or two. PERFECT BED. I will definitely buy again! – Kelly


K9 Balistics TUFF Orthopedic Dog Bed

best dog bed for chewers

indestructible dog bed k9balistics

indestructible dog bed

K9 Balistics has a wide range of beds meant for serious chewers. If you go with a bed from this manufacturer read the descriptions for each bed carefully. While they do have several beds rated for serious chewers not all of them are. The Orthopedic TUFF bed is one of the best dog beds for chewers, because it features a super tough cover that resists punctures from teeth and claws. All of their beds have a 90 day guarantee. The covers are dirt and stain resistant as well as being machine washable.

They also sell replacement covers so if in a year your dog does manage to damage the cover you can get a new one. There are a lot of varities and sizes including the pictured orthopedic bed which is great for dogs who need join relief or even kennel/crate pads. This bed is tougher than most, and it will stand up to even the most aggressive chewers. If your dog has a serious chewing problem they also have a cot style bed which is the only real chew proof type of dog bed. The virtually indestructible dog bed.

Pros: TUFF cover keeps bed in one piece. Nice orthopedic foam for comfort.

Cons: Persistent chewers are bad news for any fabric bed.

Best Dog Bed For Chewers That Are: Medium to Aggressive Chewers

Amazon Customer Review For K9 Balistics Orthopedic Dog Beds

Pros: 1. Generous cushion for my older Great Dane. 2. So far immune to the younger Great Dane / Greyhound mix’s destructive tendencies. 3. Washable outer cover AND washable inner liner.

Cons: 1. The outer cover is a little noisy when the dogs move around. 2. Getting the cover on the bed was a two-person job.

We’ve had the beds a little over a week, and they’ve outlasted every other bed by at least 5 days. I don’t think the mix is even tempted by the ballistic fabric. By this measure alone, these beds are a success. Even better, the dogs seem to find them very comfortable.

I bought this bed with low expectations – my 7 year old Great Dane needs a bed with a really good cushion for her older bones, but my 2 year old Great Dane / Greyhound mix destroys anything made of fabric (pillows, blankets and dog beds being favorite targets). And of course, every time she destroys a bed, she destroys two – hers and the Dane’s. Since adopting her in June, I’ve probably gone through almost $1,000 worth of beds.

A few observations:

I bought the Extra Large and probably could have bought just the Large as the size is very generous – sometimes they buddy up on just one bed.

Two giant dogs means a lot of dog stink, and it’s nice to see two covers that are washable – the outer “ballistic cover” and the inner liner.

Despite the simple-sounding instructions, getting the outer cover on was a real wrestling match – not complicated, just really snug. Once the covers are on, the beds have a nice, fitted look to them. The inner cover comes on the foam mattress and also appears snug, so we have yet to see how that goes on. As long as the covers don’t shrink, I think snug fit is OK.

All in all, exactly as advertised! Love them. –  Janet

Kuranda Indestructible Dog Bed

indestructible dog bed

indestructible dog bed

indestructible dog bed

So your dog is a chewer. A big chewer. The worst chewer in the world. That means basically every kind of soft bed is out. No matter how tough the cover is a determined dog will find a way to destroy it. The best option for dogs like this is a cot style bed. Preferably one made with a metal frame. Kuranda makes high quality, durable beds for the most destructive pups. These beds can be purchased in either PVC or aluminum, but obviously the aluminum version is the strongest. The bed portion is made from high quality vinyl, and the frame protects the edges to keeps dogs from chewing it up. The metal frame versions can hold up to 250 lbs! It’s also easy to clean and weather resistant so this bed is great for indoor or outdoor use. These come with a one year warranty.

If you have a dog that has a very bad chewing problem then this is probably the only option for you. The foam or fabric beds are nice, but they will get chewed up. Metal is pretty much the only thing to combat a dog that really really wants to chew up his bed. These cot style beds do a great job of protecting the corners and edges. This keeps the dog from being able to grab hold of anything to pull apart. Soft beds will always have zippers or something else that your dog can use to rip up the bed. That’s not the case with aluminum frame cot dog beds that hide all of these spots. The most indestructible dog bed on the market. If your pup tears everything up then this is the way to go.

Pros: The only indestructible dog bed. Easy to clean. Good for indoors or outdoors.

Cons: Not as cushy as foam beds. Might be hard to fit in a kennel.

Best Dog Bed For Chewers That Are: Compulsive, destructive chewers.

Amazon Customer Reviews For Kuranda Dog Bed

We have two Great Danes and we purchased the XXL size. They have plenty of room to lay & stretch out. I wish we had known about Kurandas when we had our last Dane. We wasted hundreds of dollars on giant sized, stuffed, dog beds. Within no time the stuffing was flat and they smelled horribly. If we had bought a Kuranda we would’ve saved ourselves money in the long run. These beds are much more durable and long-lasting than a traditional dog bed. Other reasons we went with these: (1.) Great Dane shelters use them so they must be durable. (2.) They have a one year chew-proof warranty. Great Danes are giant dogs with puppy personalities until about the age of 1.5 or 2. A 115+ lb “puppy” is certainly capable of doing a lot damage so a good warranty is always a plus. I wish we could find some chew-proof dog toys..ha ha. And they are light too so they are easy to move around. – Shannon

I wanted to wait a little bit to write a review as my dog can be tricky and wait a bit to demolish a bed. I can now fairly say this bed was designed for chewers. In full disclosure I sprayed the bed once with Bitter Apple (same with all the other beds and those were all more than once). I’ve caught her trying to chew the bed and digging on it but she must have gotten frustrated after no destruction as I haven’t seen her bother in a long time. The aluminum frame also doesn’t show any scratch / teeth marks from her attempts. It’s exceptionally sturdy, my kids seem to think this is a trampoline and no damage from them either.

If you get the smoke color your dog may not like the bed at first as it somewhat resembles the scale at the vet’s office. Just stick a blanket on top and they’ll get used to it (blanket masks that dark color that scares them). I had a similar model for her that lasted a bit but she was able to eat that one as well. I upgraded to the 40 ounce vinyl and it’s a good grade and with the upgrade. The fabric on our other model was nothing for German Shepherd teeth and she wasn’t even 4 months old with that one. Also, Kuranda seems to understand when there’s an opening a dog will find it. All other raised beds seem to have openings in the corners. These corners are covered nicely allowing for no access. –  Nancie

Is Your Dog Chewing Because Of Separation Anxiety?

Is your dog a compulsive chewer? Their might be more to it than just a need for destruction! Sometimes this type of behavior has to do with stress. Does your dog do most of his chewing when you’re not at home? This could be due to separation anxiety. Dogs are pack animals, and some of them just can’t stand to be by themselves. While there’s no definite cause for separation anxiety it has been observed to be very common in dogs who have come from shelters. This type of behavior can be brought on by a change in pet parents, changes to their schedule or routine, moving to a new house, or the sudden appearance of new people in the house. All of these events can be stressful for dogs. Other dogs might chew due to boredom.

If you suspect your dog might be suffering from separation anxiety or boredom as the root cause of his chewing you can try something called counter conditioning. When your dog is left alone he becomes fearful, and he starts destroying things. You can try changing this experience into something positive. This is best achieved by use of a food reward. Try giving them a treat dropping toy that will take them at least a few minutes to figure out how to get all the food. After a while your dog will associate you leaving with him getting a treat. This creates a positive impression, and could greatly help his chewing problem. This is a good tactic for dogs with mild anxiety. If your dog has severe anxiety it could take much more complicated measures for you to help undo this problem. It’s not impossible though, and the ASPCA has a great resource for helping dogs with separation anxiety you can browse. Many of them involve methods you can take to reassure your dog based on his anxiety triggers, and it features some ways to help them cope with boredom while you’re away.