Top 3 Indestructible Escape Proof Dog Crate Options For Your Houdini Dog

If you’ve ever purchased a dog crate from a big box store you’ll know that they’re not very sturdy. They’re meant to contain your dog, but if he really, really wants out they’re no match for a strong pup. A bored dog can be extremely determined, and if your dog is driving you batty with his escape attempts it may be time to bring in the big guns! In today’s article we’re reviewing the most escape proof dog crates available. These Alcatraz dog crates are meant to be a heavy duty answer to frustrated pet parent’s prayers. They’re big, they’re heavy, and if your dog can break out of them he should really get some kind of an award for his efforts. If this sounds like the type of dog you have, then these are your best options for an industrial dog crate to keep your rover from destroying the house while you’re out.

Pro Select Empire Reinforced Dog Crate

heavy duty dog crate

alcatraz dog crate

escape proof dog crate

First up on our list is the Pro Select Empire Heavy Duty Dog Crates. These crates claim to be the “Alcatraz of pet cages”, meant for dogs who are seasoned escape artists. The door features two bolt locks to keep your furry Houdini from snacking on your furniture while you’re at work, and to keep him out of mischief. They’re meant to contain powerful or aggressive dogs which strong destructive tendencies. The cage itself is made out of strong, high quality 20 gauge steel, and it’s reinforced with 1/2 steel tubes for added durability. All of the stress points have heavy duty welding to keep the panels together, and to keep your pup from breaking them a part at the seams. Which is very possible for a powerful up with enough effort! These cages are virtually indestructible, and will keep even the most determined pooches from clawing or chewing their way out. The cage is rust resistant, and it comes in an attractive hammer tone finish that will last a long time.

With the cage you’ll also get a floor grate that features a removal steel tray for easy cleaning. If you’d like to get an indestructible dog bed to go with it I have a few recommendations too. This cage also comes with some nice caster wheels with locks. The cage itself is pretty heavy at 75 pounds, so these are very useful for moving it around. If you don’t want them on there though they are removable. If you don’t really have a permanent place for the dog cage the wheels are a nice addition to move it out of the way for easy storage when you don’t need it.

This particular cage comes in two sizes. You can purchase the medium size which is 37″L x 25⅛”W x 33¾”Hor the Large size which is  42 1/4″L x 30 3/4″W x 41 1/4″H. You should keep in mind that this cage is really meant for medium to large size dogs. Some people have experienced problems housing small dogs in it, because they might actually be able to get their heads stuck in the bars. If you need an escape proof dog crate for a small breed dog like a Jack Russell you might want a different model.


Customer Reviews For Empire Reinforced Dog Crate

In addition to destroying an airline cargo crate, my dog destroyed a steel cage that had held every dog I had ever had in my entire life (I turn 38 this year). He actually does okay when left out in the house, but not well enough that we can have nice things. I’d really like to have some nice things. This crate is an investment. If you aren’t willing to spend this amount of money I think your dog problem hasn’t reached the point where you need a containment system like this. If your problem has reached this level, then you may have found the solution.

There are numerous reviews that go into detail on how great this cage is. I won’t repeat what they wrote here. What I will do is attach a video of me unboxing and assembling this crate. The entire process took me 25 minutes. I did it by myself and just a few days after having my knee scoped. In other words, it is a breeze to assemble. Now that I have had a chance to see this crate firsthand, I am certain that many negative reviews were due to poor maintenance. You will need to check these bolts occasionally to make sure they stay tight. This routine check is a small price to pay to keep your pet safe. All bolts loosen over time and an active dog is sure to speed up that natural process. Alternatively, you could apply a drop of threadlocker to each bolt during installation. I see this as a very minor item. Keep in mind that this crate (large) is huge and won’t roll through a normal sized doorway once it is assembled. You can tip it on its end if you need to get it through a tight space.

Final note: A few of you may have concerns about crate training your dog. I did as well… until the rescue we got our dog from required us to promise that we would continue to crate our dog. Our vet also echoed the benefits and I have been a firm believer since. The adjustment period may be difficult, but you will have more positive interactions with a dog that has been in a safe place all day than one that has been left unsupervised in your home. The crate should be associated with good things because it is a good thing. Best wishes to you and your own Hairy Houdini – Ivy

Impact Case Heavy Duty Dog Crate

industrial dog crate


indestructible dog crate

heavy duty dog crates

If you need a crate for a smaller dog this would be a better option than the first one. This dog crate doesn’t have any holes for them to try and squeeze their way out of it. This crate will of course work well for larger dogs too, and the best part is that this crate is airline compliant! So, if you travel with your pooch a lot, and you need a crate that can pull double duty this is a great option for you. This crate is also much lighter than the empire crate at just 45 pounds. The material is not quite as strong as the Empire, but it is made in such a way that it would be difficult for dogs to get a hold of anything to destroy. These crates are made of heavy duty .063 aluminum so as to be light weight enough for travel. They also come in a pretty cool compact version that folds down into a a box less than eight inches tall. This understandably is not as strong as the stationary model, and If you’re reading this article that means it’s probably a no go for your dog. Unless of course you have another canine member of the family who’s much more cooperative than the one your currently shopping for!

The door closes with the use of a marine grade slam latch. Unlike the empire cage there’s no way to get to the latch from the inside of the cage. This might be particularly useful if your naughty puppy is smart enough to know how to pull the latches up! The doors for these units lock very securely, and are difficult to be pulled open if that’s been a problem for you in the past.

The inside of the cage is reinforced with 3/8 inch round bars welded in for extra stability. They’ve also added some composite corner bumpers for impact protection when the crate is in motion. While the cage designs make sure everything is locked up tight there’s also ample air flow to keep your pup cool and comfortable on a long journey. I would certainly recommend this dog crate if you have a small dog breed who likes to get into trouble or if you need a reliable travel crate. For a large breed dog who’s very destructive I would prefer the first crate over this one. Otherwise, this is a very nice crate. They’re made in the USA, and they come with a lifetime warranty.

Impact Heavy Duty Dog Crate Reviews

So it’s been two weeks since I started using this for my 7 year old, 90lb husky/german shepard. I wanted to use the crate for a while, leaving him at home for extended time (especially work days) before actually leaving a review. Verdict: It has held up and held him in!!! My dog has been getting bad separation anxiety ever since the wife & I moved to a different state. The change in environment, schedule, just the change. He has chewed up the door frame, many blinds, and even ripped out the frame to the window. We’ve done everything we could do with what we have and we know it’s going to be a long and arduous process to get him back to being a calm and content pup when we go to work.

Being an older dog, he’s stubborn and it’s taking time, but he is slowly starting to accept it as a safe place. The first few days, he didn’t. I got pictures to show… lots of protesting and trying to chew himself out. (Don’t worry he’s fine.) I saw in the reviews that the people giving this product a bum wrap, couldn’t put it together… obviously they’ve never shopped at IKEA…granted it took a little effort, and some oomph, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s also a lot easier to put it together with two people.
Customer Service from Tommy was great. Replied quick when I needed an extra lug-nut and over-nited it. – Daniel

Zinger Winger Deluxe Dog Crate

heavy duty large dog crate

reinforced dog crate

indestructible crates for dogs


The Zinger Winger, despite its silly name is a serious dog kennel. This dog crate is both strong and light weight. It’s made from aircraft grade aluminum which is extremely durable. This gives it the added benefit of being light enough to be easily handled by one person. This dog crate weighs about 50 pounds. It also comes with a 90 Day “No Escape” Money Back Warranty. If your dog does manage to escape the company will refund your money. There’s also a one year product warranty against any manufacturing defects that you might encounter. It’s always nice to know that a company stands behind their product.

The door of the crate features two high quality slam latches that are built into the crate so they can’t accidentally come unhinged. Or if you’ve got a smart puppy, they can’t be worked out of the door and opened like a sliding latch. They also are keyed so you can lock them securely, and have no worries if you step away from your dog for a moment. It’s a real fear for many pet owners that someone could just up and walk away with their dog! The latches are durable and long lasting stainless steel.

Like the last entry these crates are also airline approved if you need to travel with your dog on a commercial airline. You will have to purchase the airline rails separately though, and attach them yourself. This isn’t a big deal as they just screw into the side of the crate. As long as you have a couple household tools you should be able to accomplish this easily. These crates can also be coupled side by side or stacked to create a bank of kennels if you have several dogs to conserve space. While Winger Zinger has many models of escape proof dog crates this particular one only comes in one size. It will hold dogs up to 150 pounds, and it’s 28″Wide x 32″High x 40″Long. This would make a suitable travel crate for most pups, and an excellent at home crate as well.


Zinger Winger Industrial Dog Crate Reviews

My 8 year old, 55lb German Shepherd mix is a genius when it comes to getting out of his crate. I have gone through at least 7 crates. Of those 7, four were wire and three were plastic Kong crates. My last straw was when my dog escaped and set off my home security system’s motion sensor while I was at work.

I did a ton of research to stumble upon this crate. I bought it because it came with a 90 day escape guarantee. Flash forward one month – my dog likes the crate. I can tell that he has tried every trick in the book to escape. There are bite and claw markings all over the inside but he’s yet to did a way out. I strongly recommend this crate for its durability and the piece of mind it provides. Knowing that my pup is safe –Antwon

This will be used for a 3 year old 90 lb German Shepherd that has successfully broken out of every model of Midwest crate over the last 3 years. After putting the crate together; I am very confident He will not be able to escape this crate (less human error like leaving the door open). When he walked into the crate for the first time he immediately spun around and laid down. He really likes it and it fits him so well. The price is a little high; however given what I have spent purchasing so many other crates it was worth it. My only major complaint was putting the crate together. The box was flat and weighed about 40 – 45 pounds. The packing was designed to protect the pieces from crushing or being crushed and Zinger had placed a tissue like paper between the sides to protect the paint. Once you have found the packages of about 100 tiny metal screws, washers and locking nuts you will see why I say this is a complaint.

First please make sure you have another set of hands while attempting to put this together. I know someone out in the world will disagree with me and say “I can do this myself” and I’m sure some crazy will find some way to do it with duct tape and zip ties. But using every day tools like a screwdriver, fixed wrench and a socket wrench; you will appreciate the second set of hands. I am a reasonably handy person and using the tools mentioned above; it took my wife and I an hour to put this together. I’m sure if we hadn’t been tired from working that morning we could have done it faster. Anyway, once you have it together it’s worth every penny and the time spent on it. My German Shepherd is safe and comfortable in his new home. I did forget to mention that I called Zinger (5:00 pm on a holiday) to ask about buying some optional accessories, and they answered immediately. They are very friendly and even asked me what my thoughts are on the crate now that I have it together. They genuinely seemed to have an interest in the opinion of an owner! No matter what the breed or purpose of your dog, pay the extra money and buy them one of these crates. –  Brett


Tips For Soothing Destructive Dog Behavior

While it’s easy to think that a dog just wants to destroy things this may be the symptom, and not the problem. Does your pup have separation anxiety? If your dog is only destructive when you’re not around this could very well be the case. Sometimes a dog just can’t stand to be alone. Even if this is a new occurrence for your pup it could still be the case. This behavior can be quite common from shelter dogs who have been abandoned by the previous owners. Though changes in schedule, moving house, or even just having new people in the home can make a dog anxious. If you feel your dog may be having a problem like this the ASPCA has some great tips for helping to conquer it by working with your pup.

Have you considered that your dog is just bored? Sometimes dogs destroy things, because they are not getting enough mental stimulation. You can try to help out with this by giving your dog a treat dropping toy or something that will take him a while to figure out. You can also use a cool pet cam like Furbo to say hi to your dog using your smart phone while you’re away. How neat!