Seresto Collar Reviews: Is This The Best Flea Collar For Your Pet?

While fleas and ticks seem little more than an inconvenience to most people the fact is that they can be quite dangerous. These parasites can harbor serious diseases like lyme disease, tick paralysis and spotted fever. These are obviously not things that you want in your house. Which means you’re probably searching for the best way to protect your pets and you family! In our Seresto reviews we’ll go over what makes these flea collars better or worse for your dog or cat. Even one or two fleas can quickly lead to an infestation in your home that will be much more difficult to get rid of. The use of flea collars is a great way to help avoid this problem before it starts. The only problem with flea collars is that traditionally they’ve only been a flea repellent. They did not have the ingredients needed to actually kill the adult fleas or to control their eggs. So, if you already had a flea infestation using a flea collar was basically hopeless.

Seresto collars is poised to change all that with a new kind of flea collar that not only repels, but also kills fleas and ticks. These new collars are much, much more effective than the standard flea collars that you’re used to. In the past when you put a flea collar on a cat or a dog you mostly just had to pray that it would work! Now, you can be confident that it will actually do what it’s supposed to. Read on for our Seresto collar reviews. We have both seresto dog collar reviews and seresto cat collar reviews. This article is meant to inform you as a consumer as to the pros and cons of this type of flea solution so you can decide whether this treatment is right for you and your pet. You should keep in mind that no product is perfect for every situation, but these collars work very well, and they’re worth a try if you need serious flea control measures. First, what is Seresto? What makes these collars different?

Seresto Flea Collar Reviews

Seresto is a flea collar provider that boats 8 month protection for both dogs and cats against fleas and ticks. This is much longer than most collars on the market that are effective for only three to six months depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines. There are many types of flea protection on the market including collars used for wearable repellent, pills that can be added to the animal’s food, and topical treatments that are absorbed through the animals skin. Depending on your individual animal these may be more or less effective, but the general public general regards flea collars as the least effective. You may have tried other flea collars before and came away less than impressed with their performance. This is because most flea collars only aim to prevent fleas taking up residence on the animal. They do not actively kill the insects. This is not the case with these new Seresto collars.

These flea control collars have the same active ingredients as a digestible or skin absorbed flea treatment. This is a great solution if you’re not keen on the topical treatment varieties which can make a dog ill if it’s ingested or can be difficult to administer to animal’s with thick fur. If you have multiple dogs or cats they may try to lick the flea treatment off of their companions fur which can make them quite sick. The topical treatments don’t seem to be as effective for me anymore either. The last time I tried using them fleas seemed not to be fazed. The unfortunate reality is that it is possible for flea populations to build up an immunity to popular medications.

While pills are often a great solution they usually do not actively control flea development. This means that while they kill adults fleas they typically do not prevent the hatching of new ones by drying up the eggs. This means it will take much longer for you to break the cycle. If your animal or home has already suffered from an infestation this means it can take many months before you’ll be rid of the fleas. It also makes it easier for them to re-establish themselves. These are typically the easiest to administer types of medications, but not the most effective I’ve d

For this reason, many people prefer a flea collar with active ingredients that will kill adult fleas and control the hatching of new ones. The only real negative to these collars is that they do not repel mosquitoes. If you are concerned about this then a different treatment may be needed for this. Our Seresto collar reviews will explore the pros and cons of this product to help you make an informed decision as a consumer and pet owner. These collars are a great, highly effective alternative to the high dollar treatments available at your vet. While these medications definitely work, the ones available via prescription can cost $150 to $200 per box. The Seresto collar is a great compromise between effectiveness and price. It’s also available over the counter which makes it much less of a hassle. Did you know you can also get them on Amazon? These can be conveniently delivered to your door so you don’t even have to leave the house to get them.

Seresto Collar Reviews: Important Facts To Consider

  • Kills adult fleas
  • Controls the hatching of new fleas (drys up the eggs)
  • Kills ticks before they bite. (Helps limit the spread of disease!)
  • 8 months worth of protection
  • Good for cats or dogs that are 7 weeks of age or older
  • Good option for animals with thick fur that makes skin contact treatment difficult to use.
  • Does not repel or kill mosquitoes
  • Active ingredients: flumethrin and imidacloprid

Seresto Dog Collar Reviews

seresto collar review

Seresto Dog Collar Reviews

seresto dog collar reviews

The Seresto dog collars are a great choice for protecting your dog and your home from flea or tick infestations. This collar releases a steady stream of active ingredients periodically over a period of eight months. This means that your dog will slowly be introduced to these ingredients for their safety. The collar works simply by fleas having contact with the collar so that it’s not needed for them to bite your dog in order for them to die like with skin contact or digestible flea treatments. This can save your pup from painful bites and irritation. It also means that this limits the chance for your dog to contract any illness or disease from these parasites since they are repelled before they can attach themselves. If the ticks can’t attach themselves then they can’t transmit nasty diseases to your dog. There’s also no greasey mess or foul odors like with other treatments which is a nice plus. These are a great option for dogs that react poorly to pills or topical treatments.

The collars come in a variety of sizes that will fit dogs of all breeds. Typically these collars are sorted by weight and you simply have to select one that matches the size of your dog. These collars are safe for all pups that are seven weeks of age or older. In addition to fleas and ticks these collars also combat Sarcoptic mange and chewing lice. While the number of dogs that suffer from these is few, it’s certainly not a problem you want to have, and the added insurance is a great additional benefit of this collar.

If your dog likes to swim these collars can also hold up in water, but be aware that if it is a frequent occurrence the effective duration of the collar is reduced to just five months. The manufacturer says participating in this activity more than once per month will lower the effective duration of this flea collar. If your pup swims a lot you could easily remove the collar for swimming, and then put it back on if it’s a concern for you. Another great feature is that this collar has a safety release feature so if your dog were to get caught on something they can easily break free to save themselves from injury or possibly death. This isn’t something that most pet parents think about. Especially if their dogs live inside. It may seem that your dog is safe, but there’s plenty of stuff in or around your dog to get hung up on! If you’re not home when it happens it could be a real disaster. A break away collar could save your pup’s life.

Seresto Collar Reviews – Cons

What does this collar not do? While this is a great product that will help immensely with fleas and ticks it does nothing for mosquitoes. It will neither kill them nor will it repel them. This could be important to you if you’re worried about west nile virus or heart worms which can be transmitted via mosquito bites. This may be less of a concern if you live in an area with low mosquito populations or a city with a frequent spraying regime. You can also lessen the chance of these particular insects by removing any standing water from around your home so they have no place to breed. In addition you could also get some alternative repellents if you plan to be outside with your pooch for any amount of time. For example, if you were to take them on a camping trip or you plan to be having a barbecue. You could find some pet safe mosquito repellent sprays or load up your camp site with citronella candles, which you’ll probably do anyway for the human visitors! All in all this is a great product, and there’s not a whole lot not to like about it honestly.

Seresto Cat Collar Reviews

seresto cat collar reviews

seresto cat collar reviews


seresto flea collar for cats

Next up is the Seresto collar reviews for cats! The benefits of a flea collar for cats should be very clear. Have you ever tried giving a cat a pill? It’s quite an experience. One that you don’t really want to have. Even if you try to hide the pill in their food some cats are smart enough to eat around it and avoid the medicine altogether! They equally resistant to having greasy topical treatments applied to their necks. It’s also difficult to put these treatments in a place where cats can not lick them off themselves or each other and make themselves sick. This is certainly more challenging if you have more than one cat. With the topical treatment you’ll have to separate them while it dries or risk very sick cats! The cat version of the Seresto collar offers the same quality eight months of protection that the dog versions of the collar offers.

It also has the two way safety release mechanism to protect your cat. This is an important feature even if your cat does not go outside. Cats love to jump and climb on everything. There’s plenty of opportunities for them to get themselves stuck on something without ever leaving your home. There’s also the risk of them accidentally getting outside, which makes this a very welcome feature for pet parents with kitties. Don’t think that your cat doesn’t need a collar just because they don’t go outside either! The human occupants of your home do, and it’s perfectly possible for them to carry in fleas that could infest your furry pals. Did you play with an animal at a friend’s house? You could be bringing tiny, blood sucking fugitives back to your own home. Having a proper flea treatment in place can limit or eliminate the damage an infestation causes before it even starts.

Just like the Seresto dog collar, the cat collar will both actively repel and kill adult fleas while also controlling their reproduction. I wish I’d have gotten one of these when I’d first gotten my kitten. While the pill treatments did work, I didn’t realize that they don’t control the reproductive cycle of the fleas. That means that while it was killing the adult fleas very effectively, they were quickly replaced by more freshly hatched babies within days! It took months for us to get rid of the them, and it would’ve been a much less stressful experience with one of these collars. The fleas also don’t have to bite to be subjected to the ingredients as they work on contact. This can help prevent the spread of diseases, and to give your cat more relief from endless scratching. A cat that’s got a really bad infestation can literally scratch themselves until they’re covered in cuts and scabs from trying to get rid of the things! With a Seresto cat flea collar you can easily save your poor kitty from that aggravation and pain. I don’t really have any cons to add for the cat collar, because it’s easily the most painless method of applying a flea treatment to a cat. Using a collar easily beats out any of the more difficult alternatives like flea baths, topical treatments, and digestible flea pills. All of which cats thoroughly detest. Below you can read a few customer reviews for these collars, and see for yourself how they work.

Customer Seresto Collar Reviews

The little collar that could…

Let me start out by saying we work at a veterinarian hospital. It has been a standing policy with everyone, including all of our veterinarians, that flea collars are only useful for chopping up and putting in a vacuum bag to kill fleas. They were just garbage, especially when compared to topical products.

Keep in mind, we don’t get paid to say anything nice about this product. Our concern is some of the misinformation in previous reviews.

When the Seresto collar came to us and we were skeptical, obviously. At first, we didn’t even want to shelve this product. We hadn’t carried collars since… well, nobody could remember. After a good deal of talk, most of which involved convincing us that this was a new type of collar that was non-toxic, would cover the entire pet and not kill fleas Only at the neck, and could power through several months… We decided to give it a chance. This decision was in part because we had a new rescue kitty that had a very bad allergic reaction to topical flea treatments. These collars came along at just the right moment for us to try something new for her.

Believe us when we tell you how surprised we were that they worked. They didn’t just work, they worked Well and lasted incredibly long for a collar. No bad reactions were indicated. Even a few others on staff began using them. We began stocking them shortly after and have heard nothing but praise from staff and clients since then. – J. Carpenter


I absolutely LOVE this collar. We recently moved to a new home in a woodsy-area so fleas and ticks became a huge problem. I tried everything shampoos, drops, sprays, and natural remedies. Within 2 days of putting on the collar all fleas and ticks were gone! If you’re struggling with fleas, then I highly suggest this collar. – Mary


Bought 2 of these for my large breed dogs. (Golden and German Shepard) They wore for all 8 months, swam all summer and I did not find (1) tic on them. We live in New England and that alone is very difficult.
(My dad took them hiking and came back with tics himself. Wish they had a human version haha)
Amazing product, referred to all my friends who also have had great luck with their large breed dogs as well! –Adrienne

Seresto Reviews: Flea Treatments Warnings

Any product that goes on or in your pet’s body should be used with caution. A few pet parents have experienced their pet having a negative skin reaction to these collars as expressed through Seresto collar reviews via Amazon. If your dog or cat is very sensitive to chemicals or even foods you should watch them carefully for the next couple of weeks after putting the collar on them. If you notice any red, raw or sore looking areas of skin remove the collar immediately. You may need to consult with your vet to see if there’s a different flea treatment that can be used with sensitive skin or allergies.

Only a small percentage of pets will have this type of allergic reaction, but you should take it seriously if it does happen. If you notice your pet acting oddly or they seem to be in an off mood after starting a new flea medication you should stop using it. Our Seresto reviews aim to educate you on the pros and cons of this product, but it’s important to consider the needs of your pet as an individual as well. Not every medication works for every pet. You may have one cat or dog that does fine with this treatment, but your other animal might react poorly to it. Sometimes people forget that animals are individuals just like people, and there’s no one size fits all solution for them when it comes to their health. Read more dog reviews or cat reviews.

How To Treat Fleas and Ticks In Your Home

Don’t just stop with your pets! One of the reasons that most people fail with flea and tick treatments is that they only treat the animals. Fleas don’t just live on your pets! They will also lay eggs in your carpet, on your furniture and anywhere else they can manage in your home. Using a proper flea treatment is a good first step, but next you should focus on treating the house itself. There are many good options available to help you do this. I like the Ortho Home Defense products. They’ve done the best job at repelling insects of all kinds from my house. By using a solution like this you’re also killing any eggs or stray fleas that may be hiding in your house. These guys are waiting for your flea repellent to ware off so they can re-infest your cat or dog! Don’t let them. Start by choosing a high quality home flea killer or repellent. I like the previously stated Ortho Home Defense sprayer, because it acts as a barrier. You spray it around the perimeter of the house, and any areas that are likely points of entry like doors or windows. This works to keep insects from coming into your house in the first place, and it will also kill ones already in there. If you have a big flea problem in your home this is your best line of defense! Using this in combination with a high quality pet flea treatment like a Seresto collar is the fastest way to say bye bye to those fleas. The best offense is a good defense. Don’t let fleas and ticks into your home!