These Team Dog Jerseys Are So Cute!

American families love sports, but have you ever thought about getting your dog in on the fun? You show your team spirit for your home team right? Well, did you know that your dog can too? With these super cute pet jerseys your pooch can be the MVP at your next sporting event. Whether your sport of choice is Football, Basketball, or Baseball there’s a doggy jersey for your four legged friend! There’s a jersey out there for virtually every team too. So, if your favorite team is not the most popular in the world don’t worry! There’s probably a team jersey for your pup too. We’ve grouped them into categories, but these are our favorite pet jersey picks! Take a look, and help your dog join in the fun. I’ll be featuring some of our favorites, but there will also be a list of more jerseys you can snag as well. For quick searching try using ctrl+f to search for your team or you can browse by section based on your sport of choice! I’ve tried to link as many as possible to make them easy to find.

NFL Dog Football Jerseys

Looking to have your furry pal support your home team at your next tailgate event or super bowl party? Have a look at these adorable NFL dog jerseys. These items are officially licensed merchandise too, so you’re supporting your team when you sport one. These jerseys are made of mesh, and they look like the real deal that your favorite players are wearing. So cute! They feature the team logo printed across the front, and the team name is on the back. These pet jerseys made by Pets First typically come in sizes to fit most dogs. The Extra Small fits dogs that are 6″ to 9″, the medium size fits dogs that are 8″ – 12″, the large size fits dogs that are 20″ to 24″. The manufacturer recommends measuring your dog before ordering to be sure it will fit! Measure from the base of your pup’s neck to the base of their tail. Sizing is approximate, and there should be a little bit of wiggle room! There’s a wide variety of teams available, but here’s a few of our favorites! Check out the list to see all the teams available. These cute pet shirts have the following features!

  • Satin and polyester mesh jersey with contrast neck and sleeve trim
  • Front has sewn on embroidered nfl logo with screen printed team logo and city name back has screen printed team word mark numbers and a sewn on jock tag for personalization
  • Machine wash cold delicate line dry do not iron

Dallas Cowboys dog jersey * New England Patriots dog jersey  *Carolina Panthers dog jersey

Seattle Seahawks Dog Jersey * Denver Broncos dog jersey * Pittsburgh Steelers dog jersey

San Francisco 49ers dog jersey * New York Jets dog jersey * Green Bay Packers dog jersey

Tennessee Titans dog jersey *Baltimore Ravens dog jersey * Philadelphia Eagles dog jersey

Tampa Bay Buccaneers dog jersey * Washington Redskins dog jersey * New York Giants dog jersey

Buffalo Bills dog jersey * Chicago Bears dog jeresey* Oakland Raiders dog jersey

Kansas City Chiefs dog jersey* Miami Dolphins dog jersey* St. Louis Rams dog jersey



NBA Dog Basketball Jerseys

So football isn’t really your style huh? You’re more of a hoop shooting kind of guy or girl? That’s okay! There’s some adorable pet basketball jerseys for your pup too! While NFL jerseys are definitely more popular the NBA has not been neglected when it comes to pet jerseys! Whether you’re a Los Angeles Lakers fanboy or a Golden State Warriors fanatic there’s a pup jersey waiting for you. The selection is unfortunately a little less than the NFL choices, but there’s still quite a few to satisfy pet parents that prefer three pointers to field goals. These jerseys are also made by Pet’s First, and you can see a few of the popular selections in the photos below. These jerseys are made from 100% polyester, and they are screen printed with your team’s logo and name on them. These are also officially licensed by the NBA so you know your dollars are actually supporting your team. Not into pro sports? Are college games more your style? No worries, there’s lots of college teams available as well so you can support your university team in full style! The selection is slightly lacking here, but there are some very popular ones.

  • Sizes Extra Small to Large Available
  • 100% soft polyester with screen printed designs
  • Official NBA Licensed Merchandise


Golden State Warriors dog jersey * Cleveland Cavaliers dog jersey * Brooklyn Nets dog jersey

Los Angeles Lakers dog jersey * Chicago Bulls dog jersey * Houston Rockets dog jersey

Los Angeles Clippers dog jersey * Oklahoma City Thunder dog jersey * Miami Heat dog jersey

Boston Celtics dog jersey* Dallas Mavericks dog jersey * New York Knicks dog jersey

San Antonio Spurs dog jersey *

MLB Dog Baseball Jerseys

Not a football or a basketball fanatic? Well, maybe instead you prefer America’s pastime, the great sport of baseball! Good news! There’s some pup jerseys and shirts for you too. Whether you’re a Chicago Cubs fan or your love the Texas Rangers your team is probably here. Pet’s First has a pretty big selection of jerseys for all teams and sports, and the MLB is no exception. They have quite a few teams available, and all of them are officially licensed. Like the NFL and the NBA teams you’ll be able to get these in sizes ranging from extra small to large. This is big enough to accommodate all but the biggest dogs. Unfortunately if you have a giant size dog breed these probably won’t fit, but there may be an alternative extra, extra large size somewhere. If a dog jersey isn’t enough for you Pets First also makes a wide assortment of team collars and leashes that are just as cute! These little leash and collar combos are a great way to show your pup’s team spirit if they are not very fond of wearing shirts. Some dogs detest clothing, and a collar could be a great compromise! Here’s some of our favorite baseball jerseys, but there’s plenty more! These dog jerseys have these features:

  • 100% polyester jersey material to achieve an authentic look.
  • Front has screen printed team logo, & 3 clear buttons with Velcro closure.
  • Back has screen printed team logotype and numbers, MLB Shield embroidery patch and MLB woven jock tag for personalization.
  • Machine washable cold delicate, line dry. Do not iron screen prints.
  • Sizes extra small, small, medium and large

Chicago Cubs dog jersey * Oakland Athletics dog jersey * St. Louis Cardinals dog jersey

Los Angeles Angels dog jersey * Cleveland Indians dog jersey * Texas Rangers dog jersey

Detroit Tigers dog jersey * Miami Marlins dog jersey * Milwaukee Brewers dog jersey

New York Yankees dog jersey * Philadelphia Phillies dog jersey * Atlanta Braves dog jersey

New York Mets dog jersey * Kansas City Royals dog jersey * San Diego Padres dog jersey

Boston Red Sox dog jersey * Pittsburgh Pirates dog jersey * San Francisco Giants dog jersey

Washington Nationals dog jersey * Seattle Mariners dog jersey * Houston Astros dog jersey

Baltimore Orioles dog jersey * Chicago White Sox dog jersey * Cincinnati Reds dog jersey

Los Angeles Dodgers dog jersey * Minnesota Twins dog jersey * Arizona Diamondbacks dog jersey

Colorado Rockies dog jersey *

Team Spirit Pet Collars

Is your dog not into jerseys? Do you wish you could help him show off his team spirit, but wearing clothing of any kind is just not an option? Maybe you have a really big dog, and these cute jerseys just don’t fit? Don’t be sad! You can still support your team with these way cool team collars! You can get NFL dog collars, Baseball dog collars, and even basketball team dog collars! These collars are adjustable so you should be able to fit a wide range of doggy sizes with them. If you were bummed out about not being able to fit a cute jersey on your dog then these might be the next best thing! As an important note, when you buy a collar be sure you are buying a dog size collar! This company also sells collars that will fit cats. The collar and leash combos are a good bet since you know those are specifically meant for dogs, but read the product description carefully, and look for the sizing or you could end up with a “cat size” large instead of a “dog size” large, and that would be no fun! A few pet parents were upset by this, because they didn’t understand that there were multiple products available, and not all of them were for dogs. (Hey! Cats want to sort of show their team spirit too, and good luck getting a jersey on a cat.)

nfl dog collars

NFL Dog Collars

Available Teams

Denver Broncos dog collar * Dallas Cowboys dog collar * New York Giants dog collar

New England Patriots dog collar * Green Bay Packers dog collar * Atlanta Falcons dog collar

Oakland Raiders dog collar * New Orleans Saints dog collar * Carolina Panthers dog collar

Pittsburgh Steelers dog collar * Miami Dolphins dog collar * Los Angeles Rams dog collar

Washington Red Skins dog collar * San Francisco 49ers dog collar * Chicago Bears dog collar

Kansas City Chiefs dog collar * Houston Texans dog collar * Tennessee Titans dog collar

Philadelphia Eagles dog collar *  Detroit Lions dog collar * Cleveland Browns dog collar

Cincinnati Bengals dog collar * Buffalo Bills dog collar * Seattle Seahawks dog collar

Minnesota Vikings dog collar * New York Jets dog collar * San Diego Chargers dog collar

Baltimore Ravens dog collar * Jacksonville Jaguars dog collar * Indianapolis Colts Dog Collar

Tampa Bay Buccaneers dog collar * New Orleans Saints dog collar * Arizona Cardinals dog collar

NBA Dog Collars

Available Teams

Cleveland Cavaliers dog collar * Brooklyn Nets dog collar * Boston Celtics dog collar

Houston Rockets dog collar * Chicago Bulls dog collar * Oklahoma City Thunder dog collar

New York Knicks dog collar * Los Angeles Lakers dog collar * Golden State Warriors dog collar

San Antonio Spurs dog collar * Miami Heat dog collar *

MLB Dog Collars

Available Teams

San Francisco Giants dog collar * Los Angeles Angels dog collar * St. Louis Cardinals dog collar

Washington Nationals dog collar * Los Angeles Dodgers dog collar * Chicago Cubs dog collar

Minnesota Twins dog collar * Philadelphia Phillies dog collar * Milwaukee Brewers dog collar

New York Mets dog collar * Atlanta Braves dog collar * San Diego Padres dog collar

Oakland Athletics dog collar * Cincinnati Reds dog collar *  Miami Marlins dog collar

Detroit Tigers dog collar * Seattle Mariners dog collar * Pittsburgh Pirates dog collar

Baltimore Orioles dog collar * Colorado Rockies dog collar * Arizona Diamondbacks dog collar

Tampa Bay Rays dog collar * New York Yankees dog collar * Kansas City Royals dog collar

Chicago White Sox dog collar * Cleveland Indians dog collar * Texas Rangers dog collar

Woof! That’s it sports fans, and sports pets. What do you think? Are you ready to deck your dog out at your next tail gate or barbecue? Ready to bring your pup so they can cheer on the sidelines at your next game? If you have any super cute action shots of your pets rocking their sports jerseys I’m sure Pet’s First would love to see them on their Instagram. Make sure to tag your favorite team too! Who knows? You might get a shout out. In any case, stay tuned for more cool pet stuff, product reviews and how to guides from Kim’s Pets. There’s plenty more fun to come for pets and their parents.