Top 3 Truck Bed Dog Crate Options

If you’re in need to take your dogs on the road for hunting you might be interested in a truck bed dog kennel. When your cab is already loaded down with gear, and your buddies there just might not be any room up front for your dogs. By using a truck bed dog kennel you can easily add a lot more storage to your truck, and you can tidy things up a bit. A truck bed dog crate is designed not only to give you more space in the cab, but it’s also a great addition for keeping your dogs safe on the road. A lockable dog crate keeps your pup where he’s supposed to be, and it keeps you focused on the road.

Owens Dog Crates For Pickup Trucks

truck bed dog crate

truck bed dog crate

truck bed dog crate

Owens has some of the highest quality truck bed dog kennels available. These beastly dog crates come in a variety of sizes too so if you have a vehicle that’s on the smaller side it’s no problem finding one that will fit your truck. They sell singles, doubles and even triples if you have several dogs that you take with you on your hunt.  The kennels themselves are made of high quality aluminum, and feature a nice diamond plate finish. There’s also some very secure slam latches that are molded into the doors so it’s near impossible for a smart dog to work out the latch like they would with a sliding type closure. There’s plenty of air vents so your dog can stay cool, and the vents come with storm covers in case rain decides to creep up on you while you’re on the road. Their crates are also made in the USA which I know is a big seller for a lot of hunters that want to keep jobs in the country.

Almost all of their larger models also feature storage compartments which is an awesome feature. It adds an instant new array of drawers or pull top chests for you to put your guns, ammo, electronics, or camping gear in. If your cab always seems to be close to full once you get done loading it down with you and all of your buddy’s stuff this is a great way to add some extra storage on top of the kennel.

The size of these kennels varies depending on which model you’re interested in, but they start at around 45 pounds for a single, and they can go up to over 100 pounds for the larger more impressive models. Keep in mind that the singles typically don’t have any storage for gear, they’re dog kennels only. A great option though if you don’t have the room for a big kennel as these can even fit in the back of an SUV or a van if need be. This would be a great option if you’ve got two vehicles, but only one truck. The dog crates can easily go into any spare vehicle you’ve got that’s going with you, leaving your truck free for the heavy duty jobs where a pickup is the only option. The double compartment boxes are around 48 x 49 x 30 in while the single is typically 20 x 30 x 24 in. While it may seem small, keep in mind that these are meant for your dog to lay down comfortably during transport. He probably won’t be able to stand up in it, and he’s not really meant to. These strong, compact crates are just meant to keep them safe on the road.

Key Features

  • Single, Double or Triple Dog Kennels Available
  • Strong and Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Small Boxes Can Fit In SUVs or Cars Too
  • Large Storage Areas For Your Hunting Gear
  • Lockable Slam Latch Kennel Doors
  • Vents and Doors Have Storm Covers For Bad Weather
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA



UWS Dog Boxes For Truck Beds

truck bed dog kennel truck bed dog kennel

truck bed dog kennel

Our second contender on the list is UWS. The United Welding Services makes some very high quality truck bed dog kennels that are a safe and secure option for transporting your hunting dogs. Much like Owen’s their boxes also contain some welcome storage options for all of your hunting gear. Their double dog boxes provide 30 cubic feet of space split between the two kennel compartments, and an additional 3.7 cubic feet of gear storage in the compartment on top of the dog box.

This box features 0.063 inch tread plate aluminum construction, and it features an insulated lid for superior temperature control. The box is also rust proof so there’s no worries about it breaking down living in the back of your pickup in the elements. The secure T handle door latches can also be locked with two included keys to keep your dogs safe if you park somewhere that strangers might have the opportunity to mess with the crates. This crate also has as an added safety feature a top mounted tie down rail. This can be used both for securing the dogs to the box, and to further secure the box to the truck rails so you can make sure it’s not moving around when you’re going down the highway.

This particular box is intended for vehicles with wheel wells that are at least 48 inches a part, so make sure it will fit in your truck before you buy it. Unlike Owens, UWS doesn’t seem to have a smaller single box. So if you need a single box you might be out of luck with this brand, and you should look to the Owen’s boxes instead. These boxes are actually meant for cooler weather. The insulated lid is meant to conserve heat to keep your dogs comfortable. If you live in the South you should look for the “Southern” version of this box which is meant to be used for hunters who live in warmer climates. That model provides more airflow to allow for the box to stay cool. Remember that this is an aluminum box riding in the back of your truck in the blistering sun for hours at a time. The boxes are constructed differently for different climates, and you should make sure you buy one that matches your weather conditions for your dog’s health and safety.

The only thing I dislike about this particular box is that the storage compartment is not as big as the ones found on the Owens truck bed dog crates. While the extra storage is nice, the box itself is only four inches high which severely limits the type of things you can store in it. A slightly higher box would have been much more useful, and it would greatly expand the functionality of the box. They really mean for this to be used for dog related items like collars, leads, tracking devices, ect, but I think it could do more given a little more space. The storage compartment on this box is 48x34x4, but it does have it’s own lockable paddle locks to keep anything you manage to fit in their secure from passing hands. This box comes with a one year limited warranty, and all of their products are made at one of their three US factories in either Georgia, Texas, or Florida.


Key Features

  • Two dog compartment box with non-removable divider designed for dogs’ comfort in cold climates
  • Insulated lid retains heat to keep dogs warm and helps retain the shape of the box
  • Lockable top of box storage compartment for gear
  • Durable and rustproof aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel T-handle provides dependable security with two lock keys
  • Side louvers provide ventilation
  • Welded rail provides convenient tiedown points for dogs and means of securing the box to truck side rail tiedowns
  • Easy, fast interior cleaning via a port at rear of box
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Includes Box, user manual/warranty info, and 2 keys

Zinger Winger 4500 Dog Crate

dog crate for pickup truck

dog crate for truck bed

truck dog kennels