what's the best dog food

What’s The Best Dog Food

There are a staggering number of choices available when it comes to pet food, and it leaves many consumers wondering what’s the best dog food? It can be hard to tell at first glance which products are right for your dog. While some brands may use clever packaging or wording to trick you into thinking that they are healthy the reality is that they may be full of fillers and junk! First, let’s figure out what makes a dog food “the best”.

What criteria are we looking for to ensure we have a healthy dog? When choosing a food for your dog is can be easy to get drawn in by fancy advertising wording. Just because the packaging says it’s natural, gourmet, or healthy does not mean that it is. Make sure to read the ingredients. One of the best ways to gauge the quality of a food is the protein percentage. Foods that are cheaply made will use many non-meat fillers including wheat or corn which are not the best thing for your dog. If the carbohydrate count is through the roof it might not be the best choice either. Which brand of dog food is the best? There’s no one choice, and the best dog food is the one that’s right for your dog so I’ve broken this article into categories.

What’s the best dog food for your dog?

Best High Protein Dog Food

best high protein dog food


Many people are looking to give their dogs a healthy diet that’s high in protein and blue buffalo company offers some of the very best food in this category. Their foods contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. There’s no corn, soy, wheat or other unsavory byproducts either. This food also contains glucosamine which is great for larger dogs that could potentially develop joint problems!

Best Dog Food For Weight Gain

best dog food for weight gain

While many dogs are now overweight like their owners there are still some that struggle with weight gain. If your dog has recently been ill, and is still recovering they could be underweight. A premium weight gain formula like Purina One Pro Plan. This is an active formula dog food made for working dogs. If you have a farm dog or a hunting dog that needs to be active all the time this food can help them build and maintain the muscle they need to do their job!

Best Dog Food For Weight Loss

best dog food for weight loss

Maybe your dog has gotten a little too hefty. This could be due to the food you’re feeding him! Cheap dog foods contain a lot of unhealthy fillers or carbohydrates to add calories. Your dog might be eating more to compensate for the lack of nutrients and is instead packing on unneeded calories. Earthborn is a holistic dog food brand that offers a high quality replacement for your dog’s current food. It’s low in calories, grain free and packed with nutrients to help get your dog’s weight back on track.

Best Senior Dog Food Brands

best senior dog food

An older dog needs a much different nutritional profile than a puppy. If you’ve been feeding your dog the same food his entire life, and he’s pushing ten years old it might be time to change. Hills Science Diet offers an excellent senior dog food that can help provide your pooch with everything he needs. This food not only contains helpful vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy longer, but it’s also easy to digest for sensitive stomachs.

What’s the best dog food? It’s the dog food that’s right for your dog. Not every food will be the best for every pup. You should take breed, weight, age, health, lifestyle and other factors into account before deciding “what’s the best dog food”. All of these things are important when making decisions in regard to your dogs health.


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